NICK HENNEN: Now I See —Only Love And Always Love

Mom had a rare brain disorder called PPA, and she was taken too soon for me. She died four years ago today.

I don’t know how to feel about this day, but I want to somehow honor her.

She was the most beautiful person (inside and out) that I have ever known. She radiated joy and taught me how to embrace that same sense of wonder and contentment.

At night, she used to say, “Aren’t we so lucky to have a bed?” So many do not,” she’d add softly. I remember her voice so clearly. Always shining a light on the things we forget to show gratitude for.

She taught me how love, both through my observation of her pure and unconditional love for my father and her children, which was done with great affection on both sides, but also for the way that she chose to love me.

It was unconditional. Truly. I was always the gorgeous, smart and funny son. Never a harsh word about my lack of anything, about my trials, my mistakes, life choices or appearance — ever. Only love and always love.

I now love this way, too, thanks to her.

I love you, Mom. wherever you are. I hope you can see this and see me here, loving you forever and always.

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