LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — Day Three, April 2022 Blizzard: Lucinda Gets The Final Word

Dispatch from Red Oak House (April 14):

I dug some snow, watched someone go by with a pickup, heard snowplows and pondered whether a trip to the market was advised. Canceled a plan to drive to Rhame tomorrow (postponed for another time). Did other work around the house. No paper or mail delivery. Filled the bird feeders again. Did some laundry. Looked at more April 2022 blizzard photos from family and friends in Mandan and Belfield, N.D. Got the Tacoma out on the street for a quick run to the nearby grocery store, which had opened today but was closing again. And boy, did Minot get hammered in this blizzard.

My Mother is cheering about the moisture for the farmers and ranchers! But yes, some are calving.

Lucinda sums it up for me here. “Big Mess.” But a good mess nonetheless.

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