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Kim Yeager worked as a reporter and copy editor at the Grand Forks Herald from 1980-84. She became a Business copy editor and later, Business news editor, at the St. Paul Pioneer Press. In 1994, she moved to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis as an assistant business editor. She later moved to the Strib's Home + Garden section as an editor, and in 2000 founded Lark Nest Design as a way to sate her love of textiles, color, interiors and refurbishing. Kim serves on the executive team of and is usually voted most likely to find some way to improve whatever piece of furniture you've kicked to the curb. She is married to Herald alum Terry Sauer, the Strib's AME for and other digital/mobile operations.

KIM YEAGER: Lark Nest Design — Curbside Rescue, Party of Three!

rattanchairsAlthough I am an inveterate curbside scrounger, I DO have standards. Exacting ones!

So when I saw these beauties on Sheridan Avenue in mid-December, I snapped them up, despite the snow on the ground at the time and the drivers whizzing by me on the city street at a fevered clip.

These three chairs are part of a patio set — they form a settee. The middle piece is armless, and each outside piece has one arm. They are sturdy rattan. I’ve already stripped them of their sad cushions — the spring foundation on each is in fine shape. This is how I stacked them on the patio once I unloaded them from the Escape. It was a brief, pre-Christmas thaw, and I needed to find room to stash them in the garage for the winter. (They are reposing there in a similar formation, safe and dry, atop the firewood rack!)

What vintage are they?

While they seem to have a solidly midcentury vibe, they just could be great imitations. I am researching! They will be the perfect candidates for a paint job in the spring, with vibrant new cushions upholstered in sun- and stain-resistant fabric — or a great vintage textile!

Something to “dream on” while the wind howls outside!

What is getting YOU through the winter?!


KIM YEAGER: Lark Nest Design — Metal Screen Entertainment Cabinet: Finished!


The entertainment cabinet I wrote about here is finished! You’ll remember this reclaim piece was a custom job for a client who was not ready to part with her subwoofer, and I wanted it disguised instead of sitting on her living room floor! (The living room being one of three rooms we are working on for this Minneapolis homeowner!)


The earlier post dealt largely with the design for this piece, as well as how this effect was achieved, starting with brand new aluminum radiator screening!rc3

The reclaim lumber used on this piece was salvaged from the roof of a teardown building in Minnetonka. Some of the tar buildup remains, and it looks stunning on the top of the console, here…

… and here. You can see where the nail holes remain; shingles/paper were applied right over the top of these planks when they were first used. I am thankful for the great patina that resulted from that move!

This is a side view. In the hands of talented Alan, whose work can be found in many amazing pieces at The Porch & Atelier, this piece really rocked!

Once I had the piece back in my workshop, I decided to augment the earlier Modern Masters screen paint and patina treatment by sponging on a bit of Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan to further vary the depth. (Note to self: Do a better job cleaning off your paint jars and bottles when you are finished using them!)rc6Am still in love with these copper/oil-rubbed bronze handle pulls. They are a great complement to the Asian-style chest that serves as a coffee table in the client’s living room.


Finished! The space on the bottom left is the snug home for the sub-woofer; the other (adjustable) shelves are sized for components and CDs. You’ll get a chance to see this piece in situ once the project is complete. We’ve finished the paint, artwork placement, some of the upholstery and slipcovering. Pillows, lamps and other finishing accessories are yet to come!

On this new day, enjoy some old stuff!