PAULA MEHMEL: Shoot the Rapids — Be A Beacon Of Light

If someone like me, a lifelong political junkie who is continually appalled at what is transpiring in this current administration, is wearied at the impeachment votes unfold, I cannot imagine what people who are less obsessed with politics feel.

But that is exactly what authoritarian regimes want to happen and why they succeed. Because people get worn down by the continual lies, graft and corruption and start to focus on survival and sustenance rather than taking the energy to shine light in the darkness.

On this day when we remember St. Lucia, who brought food to the poor hiding in the catacombs and was killed because a corrupt government deemed her Christian mercy and care for those who society neglect unconscionable, I am glad for those who continue to shine light in these dark days. I rejoice in those who have the courage to speak truth to power and who refuse grow weary of doing what is good and right.

Evil succeeds when good people do nothing. We cannot care less because those who need care require our voices to speak for them and our attention so that they do not feel forgotten.

Today’s vote was about the Ukranians who were the intended victims, but it echoes to the Kurds, the refugees, the homeless, the hungry, the LGBTQ+, the Palenstinians and all those in the shadows. May we, like Lucia, continue to be light bearers for a darkened world, no matter the cost, trusting that the Light of the World has come and that darkness cannot overcome it.

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    Great article! Thanks!


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