RON SCHALOW: Trump Love Makes Armstrong Stupid

On Wednesday, North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong (Cult45 —Bastiat Chapter) found his inner Kevin Cramer and spat out this chewed up olive pit:

“We have the alleged victim of quid pro quo, bribery, extortion — whatever we’re dealing with now today — repeatedly and adamantly shouting from the rooftops that he never felt pressure, that he was not the victim of anything.”

Nailed it, or whatever.

The rookie is confused or being intentionally obtuse. It may be both.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky, aka “The Vonz,” found himself between Lumpy Donnie’s crime organization and the U.S. Constitution, grinding poor Zel into a fine Ukrainian paste and/or gel. And he’s only been president since May. The man is physically and mentally unable to shout from any elevation or be repeatedly adamant.

And just because VZ was a comedian doesn’t mean he wanted to be involved with U.S. politics. Most Americans don’t want to be involved with U.S. politics.

Also, Zelensky isn’t the victim, except perhaps as collateral damage. U.S. citizens are the victims. Everyone, possibly everywhere, has been in more danger the past three years because the president would trade any thousand of us for a bucket of coal dust that he can pour in the vents of a brown youth detention center or use to feed the ducks.

The U.S. doesn’t care about Volodymyr. Congress isn’t convening to seek justice for the president of Ukraine.

Does Kelly not know that? Or did he invent a false narrative ala Port so that he can still coyly pull on Trump’s pigtails and grin? Yeesh.

Furthermore, the U.S. doesn’t care about the security of Ukraine. Our officials care about the security of Ukraine as it pertains to U.S. national interests or at some corrupt whim of the president. See the Kurds.

Will Trump still care about our NATO allies? They laughed at him. Will he ever fall out of love with Kim Jong-un? A golf ball would stand up well in his hair. That’s something to build on. And what about one of Don’s side dishes, Recep Erdoğan? Is DT hitting on Miss Congeniality again?

Donald “We should have these centennials more often” Trump has shown the willingness to trade the national security of the United States for a political favor from a foreign country, by actually doing it. I saw him ask China to investigate Hunter Biden. Is that not enough?

China answered, “Please shut up for 10 minutes! Gawd.”

And Trump’s ignorance of our laws doesn’t matter.

“He should have armed himself… if he’s going to decorate his saloon with my friend.” — William Munny

But nobody — our foreign services or an unsuspecting country — should be taking direction from Rudy Guiliani or be forced to talk with him. We’re not running an Abu Ghraib.

Trump had Rudy, thugs, oligarchs and the State Department working on his Biden scheme. Over our reps’ head, I guess.

So, why is Kelly Armstrong so waffly on U.S. defense yet so firmly with Donnie, who can’t even go through the 10 obstructions of justice or less checkout unless he puts a few perversions of justice back on the wrong shelf.

But 2016, something, something, server. Yeah.

DT cares less about corruption than Puerto Rico, that he discovered was surrounded by “deep water,” that somehow slowed emergency assistance after Hurricane Maria because why? Did he think FEMA was swimming?

Now I know that the majority of Republicans think Trump is greater than Abraham Lincoln — maybe think the wrong side won — but Kelly chooses the only guy who was first a laughingstock in New York, then a joke on the national stage and finally a punchline and a sad smile to the world.

Are we watching a sham, as Armstrong says? No, just a regular poo.

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  • Susan Gorr December 8, 2019 at 12:25 am

    Ahahaha “Can’t go through the ten obstructions or less checkout line….” That’s brilliant!


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