RON SCHALOW: Cramer Goes Into Full Trump Racist Mode

Aristotle wasn’t privy to modern science, but he contended that people from nations outside of Greece were inferior in a number of ways to the native Greeks. Many of the outsiders ended up as slaves, so I doubt their opinions were taken into much consideration. And don’t get me started on the whole mess with the Moors, Sephardic Jews and the Iberian Peninsula.

Flashing back: Within two days of the bipedal thing catching fire, smarmy politicians like Kevin Cramer have vilified outsiders, especially those with discernable differences. Some, from the O’Brien colony of Cavern Hill, didn’t like the aggressive eyebrows of the Stone Valley sapiens or the cut of their jibs. It really wasn’t a problem.

But naturally, O’Cramer and his ilk on the council immediately barred immigration from below 6 feet above sea level, which was a wildly inaccurate rule, since they were unaware of oceans.

And it took the Hill folk 117 years, to erect a 12-foot long wall before they ran out of rocks. Also, most of them were killed by a variety of carnivores, with better acceleration and higher vertical jumps, before the next generation could be born to take over the building.

But the racism issue caught on and became the laziest way for politicians to wind up a crowd, divide the voters and make the base all tingly inside. Blame it on them for whatever ails you. Trump had been a racist for decades — and notably lazy — when he let it all spill out on Day one, and we ended up with toddlers in cages.

Not only does Trump believe in his racial superiority, but he thinks he’s better than all living beings. Rumor has it that DT once beat a clever racoon in Shoots and Ladders but almost bled out. This makes him a super supremacist. An SS. Bow down before him, Tiki torch dorks.

Congressman Cramer, a level nine dork and a born follower, is all in with Kublai Don’s strategy to appease the far-right, the alt-right, white supremacists, restrictionists, neo-Confederates, white nationalists, Klansmen, xenophobes, neo-Nazis and various militias. Cramer/Trump also want to scare the wits out voters just minding their own business.

It won’t be hard for Cramer to pull off this deceitful campaign. We know he is a LGBT bigot, associated with the alt-right — the White House is crawling with them — and almost falls off the right side of the ideological chart at govtrack.us.

Kevin is running his racist ads on Facebook, radio, TV and probably many other places. Below is the text under the graphic shown above.

“Our immigration system is broken. Leading Democrats, including Senator Heitkamp, are prioritizing the protection of illegal aliens over the safety of American citizens. This must end now. #NoMoreVictims” — Kevin Cramer

That’s just a lie. Nobody is prioritizing the protection of illegal aliens over the safety of American citizens.

Here is the other text he is using under the same graphic.

“Sanctuary cities are an affront to the rule of law in this country. Too many Americans have been victimized as a result. That’s why I’ve co-sponsored legislation in the House to de-fund sanctuary cities. I’ll do the same in the U.S. Senate.” — Kevin Cramer

“A 1997 case, Printz v. United States, says that the federal government may never order local officials to enforce federal law; the famous 2012 Affordable Care Act case, National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, says that the government cannot use the threat of large funding cuts to “coerce” states into adopting federally demanded policies. The order seems to implicate both constitutional rules.” — The Atlantic

Too many would be one, but Cramer doesn’t mention that the funds he wants to cut are for law enforcement, and the action would be unconstitutional. Not too bright.

Here’s the text over a Cramer Facebook meme of a wall (situated somewhere), with the words, “Tough on border security and illegal immigration.

“It is absolutely necessary for our country to secure its borders. For too long, our immigration policy has been broken, and it has created a national security crisis that will only be solved once our borders are secure again. In particular, we must act to de-fund sanctuary cities immediately. In the House I co-sponsored a bill that would’ve done exactly that. We passed it, and it went on to fail in the Senate, which reinforces the need for our state to have another senator that will stand for the rule of law, and against illegal immigration.” — Kevin Cramer

The number of undocumented immigrants has remained stable for years. The borders are not unsecured. Nobody is for illegal immigration. We are not in a crisis. We have a Trump false rhetoric crisis.

“There’s no official measure of how many people succeed in illegally crossing the border, but authorities use the number of apprehensions to gauge changes in illegal immigration.

Apprehensions on the Southwest border peaked in 2000 at 1.64 million and have generally declined since, totaling 303,916 in 2017.

Those numbers, which come from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, are for fiscal years and date back to 1960.

That’s an 81.5 percent decline in the number of apprehensions between the peak in 2000 and 2017.” — USA Today

You may have noticed that the duo are only interested in demagoguing their concern about the brown people and the southern border. They don’t bring up the northern border, or the skies, or the oceans, or white people. Ginned up rhetoric about one color. What do we call that?

“More than 700,000 foreigners who legally entered the U.S. by sea or air last year stayed past the expiration of their visas and the top country of origin for those visa overstays was Canada, according to a new report from the Department of Homeland Security.” — CTV News

So, 44 percent of undocumented immigrants are those that overstay their visas.

Cramer TV ad copy.

“I voted against funding sanctuary cities because federal tax dollars shouldn’t go to cities that hide illegal immigrants, especially those who commit violent crimes. “It’s hard to understand why Heidi Heitkamp, who is a former attorney general, voted to fund sanctuary cities that ignore the rule of law and put our citizens and law-enforcement officers at risk.” — Kevin Cramer

Nobody is hiding anyone. Everyone is subject to arrest if they commit a crime. ICE can detain and deport undocumented immigrants no matter where they find them in the United States.

Cramer/Trump want to make cities use their money and resources to do the work of the feds, and they would rather spend their time tending to their core mission of serving their cities.

Police chiefs across the country support sanctuary cities because they keep crime down.

“First, the current system of enforcement is a logical division of labor in which all parties know what is expected of them. Federal agencies, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement, enforce immigration laws, which are federal statutes. Local police agencies enforce state and local criminal laws. These roles are compatible and complementary.

“Second, local police have their hands full — investigating murders, robberies, sexual assaults, burglaries, thefts and other crimes and working to prevent these and other crimes from occurring. When local police identify a suspect and have probable cause, they make the arrest, without regard to the suspect’s immigration status.

“Finally, police chiefs warn that if their agencies are required to enforce federal immigration laws, it will hurt their ability to investigate and solve serious crimes in their communities. If people are afraid to have contact with the local police, they will not report crime, serve as witnesses, or tell police what is going on in their neighborhoods. Without information from the community, investigating crime becomes difficult and crime levels rise.” — Los Angeles Times

Cramer/Trump can yammer about this dystopian land of crime, overrun by foreigners, but it simply isn’t true, but the lies make for grim negative advertisements.

If Cramer is truly concerned about the people of North Dakota, he should be happy to leave all of the fictional murderous immigrants in the land of the evil Nancy Pelosi.

He’s not worried about health care, tariffs, criminals in the White House, tainted water in Flint, rising tides in Miami or the effects of manmade climate change. He just wants to lie about an issue that has nothing to do with North Dakota, although it is Trump’s designated sanctuary state.

As for crime:

“Alex Nowrasteh, with the libertarian Cato Institute, analyzed the Texas data to make a comparison of immigrants in the country illegally and native-born residents. In a recent post he noted that in 2015 Texas police made 815,689 arrests of native-born Americans, 37,776 arrests of immigrants in the country illegally and 20,323 arrests of legal immigrants. Given the relative populations for each group, he wrote, “The arrest rate for illegal immigrants was 40 percent below that of native-born Americans.”

“In addition, he wrote, the homicide arrest rate for native-born Americans was “about 46 percent higher than the illegal immigrant homicide arrest rate.” — Factcheck.org

Cramer is for state autonomy when it comes to guns, pollution, woman’s health, energy, water and most everything else, but he wants to tinker with how the locals manage their law enforcement agencies. He is running a racist scare campaign based on the wild imagination of the mad king.

“There is nothing to the idea of state sovereignty if state and city officials are not entitled to direct how their subordinates exercise their lawful discretion to advance state and local interests.” — Ohio State University Professor Peter Shane, who has studied both federalism and presidential authority


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