JACKIE QUALLEY BRODSHAUG — View From The Valley: An Open Letter To Sen. Bernie Sanders

Welcome to Fargo!

I’m delighted you’re coming to visit. I have closely followed your campaign and applaud your concern for the “folks,” as those of us with Norse ancestry call the middle class. I congratulate you for inspiring so many young people to get involved and continuing your campaign across this country, even to North Dakota.

But do you remember candidate Barack Obama telling John McCain, “Presidents have to do more than one thing at time?” Sen. McCain wanted to call off a debate for the impending stock market crash. Obama said no.

You have two marvelous campaign assets to address the potential disaster caused by the Republicans’ willingness to endorse an insolent, ruthless charlatan who masquerades as a politician for president of our United States of America. I mean Donald Trump, of course.

Your first asset is the fine credibility you have earned through a lifetime of advocating policies for ordinary folks. People believe what you say. This gives you the ability to speak out about the damage this charlatan has already caused so many people. People will hear you through the storm of insults.

Your second asset is the technology network you have created to raise funds for your campaign. You could use that same network to invite people to use Facebook and Twitter to tell if they have been financially impacted as the Trump holdings have grown. Students scammed at Trump University, businesspeople scammed by Trump’s bankruptcies, employees who lost good jobs when their employers were bought out in shady dealings could all share their stories. Voters believe personal accounts of good fortune and tragedy.

Democrats strongly hope we will one day be electing you or Sen. Hillary Clinton as our next president. One of you will have to endure outrageous insults by Trump right up to election day if he isn’t stopped soon. I think you can continue your campaign for the nomination and address Trump’s failures at the same time. The future of our nation is at stake.

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  • Mary C. Tintes May 12, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Jackie, it’s always a pleasure to read your articles! Mary C Tintes


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