TERRY DULLUM: The Dullum File — Conversation With A Scammer

Here we go again.

Readers of this little blog know I like to play a game with scammers. The ones who hang around our Facebook pages pretending to be somebody they aren’t. All in an effort to separate us from our personal information and eventually our money.

Here’s my latest effort, written mostly during television commercials in prime time last night. What follows is my actual conversation with someone pretending to be my Facebook friend, Tony. Just remember, “Tony” started it.

Scammer: Hello.

Scammer: How are you doing.

Me: Good.

Scammer: I have a great news to share with you and I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the recent good news?

Me: How’s Alice?

 Me: Still there?
Scammer: Have you heard about the good news on facebook about the Ceo of facebook Mark Zuckerberg to help Deaf, Retired, Disable and some Facebook users?
Me: No. Is Alice OK?
Me: Did she go deaf?
Me: Did she?
Me: Tony?
Scammer: Yes
Me: Alice went deaf????
Scammer: Yes
Me: Oh my gosh!
Scammer: The promotion was made to some Facebook user in other to benefit from them it’s a randomly picked of profile on Facebook and get $150,000.00 did you get yours from them ??
Me: What?
Scammer: UPS delivered the money to my door step. I saw your name on the list with the shipping company agent , so I thought I would see if you have gotten it yet?
Me: What’s UPS?
Me: Tony, what’s UPS?
Scammer: It was deliver to my doorstep through the UPS after contacting them for my claiming I think you should contact the agent in charge if your name is still among the winners list just I did, did you know to do that?
Me: Tony, you sound like you’ve had a stroke.
Scamer:  I don’t have stroke.
Me: Oh good. Are you disabled? Because you said something about that earlier?
Scammer: Read me well.
Me: What? Are you sure you haven’t had a stroke?
Scammer: Yes.
Me: OK. Then you’re retired? Because you said something about that earlier too?
Me: Tony?
Me: Tony?
Me: You there?
Me: ????
Chat Conversation End

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