TERRY DULLUM: The Dullum File — Not Forgotten

Even before the untimely death of Minnesota music icon Prince a few days ago, 2016 was shaping up to be a particularly bad year for celebrity deaths. Yahoo lists something like 30 celebrities ― major and minor ― who have left us so far this year alone. David Bowie, Glen Frey, Patty Duke, Merle Haggard, George Kennedy and Abe Vigoda among them.

On Facebook, we asked the question, “If you could have one dead celebrity entertainer “back,” who would it be? Comments were very interesting.

Some choices were obvious: Buddy Holly, John Lennon, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. But also Kirby Puckett, John Wayne and Mozart.

Lots of country stars like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams and Roy Orbison.

Some celebs with just one name. Elvis, of course, but also Otis, Marilyn and Zappa.

And funny people like Robin Williams, John Candy, Bob Hope, Red Skelton, George Carlin, Phil Hartman, Lucille Ball, Chris Farley, even Mark Twain.

Ginny Dullum posted this: “Can I get a package deal for The Three Stooges?” Full disclosure: I’ve been sleeping with Ginny Dullum for decades, and I can tell you she is a very unusual woman. She is a woman who actually LIKES The Three Stooges. She thinks dinner with them followed by a food fight would be the ultimate evening.

Not too many women made the list, but voters suggested Audrey and/or Kathrine Hepburn, Whitney Houston and Janis Joplin.

The question seemed to confuse one Facebook friend, an entertainer himself. What follows is our actual FB conversation with Tim Kasper, a member of my favorite boy band, The Blenders.

Tim Kasper:  As much as I love JFK, I’d say Bobby Kennedy. I think he could do the most good.

Me:  Entertainers, Kasper! Go back and re-read the question.

Tim Kasper:  Aha. Well, he WAS quite entertaining. I pick you then.

Tim Kasper:  Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Me:  Honestly, Tim, how many picks do you think you get? Can you not follow rules? I’m taking myself out of the running since I’m not a celebrity or an entertainer. Also, I’m not quite dead yet.

Tim Kasper:  How many can I have?


Tim Kasper: My job here is done. Wink emoticon

Ryan Lance (fellow Blender):  God, you are dumb.

Someone commented that they would like to know my pick. It would have to be Frank Sinatra.  Although, in a way for me, Frank never really left. I listen to him almost daily in the car and at home on Siriusly Sinatra on satellite radio.

Which brings us back to Prince. Among what must be by now millions of words written about him were those reporting that over his lifetime, Prince recorded and banked enough material for a “new” album every year for a hundred years.  That must be some comfort to his enormous fan base. Here’s hoping that material is well-handled and managed.

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