TERRY DULLUM: The Dullum File — Here We Go Again

I just can’t help myself. I love trying to scam the scammers. The ones who pretend to be your Facebook friends as they attempt to separate you from your personal information. Below is my latest, actual conversation with the newest scam artiste. 

Scammer: Hello how are you doing?
Me: Hi, Les. We’re good.
Scammer: Good to hear from you how is life treating you?
Me: Doing well.
Scammer: Am fine and pretty so happy for ,y life guess what?
Me: What?
Me: You still there, Les?
Scammer:  Just wondering if you heard about the Facebook Powerball Grants Program that was imposed by Mr. Zuckerberg in regards to help Facebook users?
Me:  No, haven’t heard about that. Say, how did your surgery go?
Scammer: Fine.
Scammer: The promotion was made to some Facebook user in other to benefit from them its a randomly picked of profile on Facebook and get $150 thousand did you get yours from them ???
Me: Wow! That’s a lot of money? No, I didn’t get mine. Where did you have your surgery? Fargo or Grand Forks?
Scammer:  Fargo.
Me: Because I heard you were in the Grand Forks hospital.
Scammer: Yes I move to Fargo.
Scammer: ups deliver my winning money to my door step I saw your name on the winner list with ship agent that is the reason why am asking you did you know how to contact the claim agent
Me: You move to Fargo?
Scammer: Yes.
Me: What’s ups?
Me:  That was a joke.  You know, whazzzzzzupppps?
Scammer: UPS delivered my winning money to my doorstep after I claim it and I saw your name on the winning list that is why am asking you if you get yours from them?
Scammer: Yes when they come to my doorstep and delivered my winning money to me that is why am asking you if you get yours from them?
Me: Who’s them?
Scammer: If you have not got anything from them you have to contact the agent to claim your winning money do you know how to contact the agent ?
Me: Les, are you sure your brain surgery went OK? You sound funny.
Me: Them who?
Scammer: Am very serious am not pulling your legs down let me show you the picture of my winning money I got from them.
Me: Are you sure you’re OK?
Scammer: Yes am very OK because when I got my winning money delivered I take it to the bank and bank verify is real money am very happy for my life.
Scammer:  ou have to contact the agent now so that you can get your delivered are you ready to contact the agent now?
Me: Wait just a minute. Someone’s at the door.
Me: It was just the damn Schwann’s man.
Scammer: Are you ready to contact the agent now so that I can give you the agent link now?
Me: Yeah, but first I have to turn off the oven. I’m making bread. Do you make bread?
Scammer: No.
Me: That’s too bad because it’s really much better than you can get in the store. You said moved to Fargo?
Scammer: I’m very happy cause when I receive the money from her I paid off all my old bills took the rest to my bank to save. Bank verify and see it’s real money
Me: Who’s her? By the way, they have some really good bakeries in Fargo. Have you been to the one downtown?
Scammer: I just been at home always relaxing.
Scammer: Here is the agent link https: [scam link] click on the link and like after you will message and ask you want to know if your name is still on the winning list do that now and let me know.
Me: What? You still sound funny. You’re not using all your participles or whatever they are.
Scammer: Am using it but am now having some rest because the money I win from the Facebook.
Scammer: Contact the agent now and claim yours OK.
Me: Are you sure the link is secure?
Scammer: Yes that is the agent link I contact and claim my winning money from them contact the agent now and let me know.
Me: Wait, now I have to go to the bathroom. Just a minute… or two.
Scammer: OK. 
Scammer: Makes sure you claim your winning money and get it delivered.
Me: Well, I’m back. Let’s just say THAT was something.
Scammer: OK click on the link now and message them
Me: So, I clicked on the link and nothing happened.
Scammer: You will click on message and message ask the agent you want to know if your name is still on the winning list.
Me:  This is so COMPLICATED.
Scammer: Have you text the agent yet?
Scammer: Click on this link now and like after that you will message them they will get back to you OK. Here is the agent link https:  [scam link].
Me: Sorry I yelled at you.
Scammer: Do that now.
Me: Look, I’m hungry. I’m going to have to deal with this later. Bye, Les.
Scammer: OK.
Me: I’m going to have some bread.

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