ERIC BERGESON: Photo Gallery — Southwestern Sights

From Catalina State Park north of Tuscon to Sabino Canyon in the Santa Catalina Mountains to San Pedro Riparian National Wildlife Refuge east of Sierra Vista to Madera Canyon south of Tucson, photographer Eric Bergeson — aka The Country Scribe — captures many spectacular images of the Southwest. Among them: California poppies, a cactus wren, calliandra shrubs, a group of  women hikers (snowbirds from all over the USA), a phyrrhuloxia, prickly pear cactus (also called a “platyclade” or “cladode”), a lesser goldfinch, a saguaro grove, an acorn woodpecker, a vermillion flycatcher and, of course, a roadrunner, perhaps with Wily E. Coyote not far behind.

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