CHUCK SCHUMACHER: Coach Chuck — How To Get Good At Something

Recently, in a Saturday morning karate class, I had a great discussion with my young martial artists, their ages 8, 11 and 12. Before starting our routine of punches, kicks, blocks, jumping kicks, katas and self-defense techniques that make up the physical portion of our workout, we talked about how a person really gets good at something. Is it just knowing what the techniques are, I asked?

By now, these youngsters have figured out that just knowing is not enough; we must apply what we’ve learned. After many months or years as the case may be, they have come to understand that, to get really good at something, one must apply a good effort over a period of time.

But there’s one more thing that is absolutely necessary to make that happen: enthusiasm!

I have always believed there are three essential elements that must be present to achieve skill, to master technique, to master ones self: effort, time, enthusiasm.

If a person, especially a child, lacks enthusiasm about what they are doing, their effort will show it. It will be hard for them to continue keeping up a good effort over time if they’re not enjoying the process.

Learning to self-motivate is the key to staying enthused ,which I will discuss in a later blog post.

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