TERRY DULLUM: The Dullum File — Scammin’ The Scammers, Part 2

Regular visitors may recall that here at the Dullum File we like to play with scammers from time to time. You know, the ones who rather than try to land actual jobs, pretend to be your Facebook friends. It’s their lame efforts to try to get us to send them money, supposedly to claim huge prizes or gifts.

Here is our latest, actual conversation yesterday with a scammer we’ll call Scammer.

Scammer: Hello

Scammer: How are you doing?

Me: Good.

Scammer: I’m doing pretty good and have you heard the good news yet?

Me: About Jane’s wedding? Heard you were there. How was the weather?

Scammer: Good

Scammer: And Did you heard about the good news on Facebook about the CEO of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg money grant in conjunction with the federal government?

Me: No. But I heard you all had to be evacuated from the wedding because of the rain?

Scammer: Some Facebook users name are chosen in automated random data base, where I got $90,000. I thought it was a scam until I got deliver.

Me: Yeah. But did Jane make it out for their honeymoon?

Scammer: Did you got yours? Or did you got any?

Me: Did I got any what?

Scammer: UPS deliver my winning money to my door step. I saw your name on the winner list with shipping agent. That is the reason why am asking you did you know how to contact the claim agent?

Me: Do you suppose Mark …  Mr Z would got me some?

Scammer: Yes

Me: Really?

Scammer: Do you know how to apply for it?

Me: No. What kind of food did they serve at the wedding?

Scammer: (Active website address). Click on this link to his Facebook home page and send him a message that I told you about some grant money and you are ready to claim yours now. OK?

Scammer: Just message them now.

Scammer: Have you message them?

Scammer: Have you claim it out from them?

Me: Are you sure the website is secure?

Scammer: Yes.

Scammer: Just message them

Me: JUST WAIT! I have to go to the bathroom. And not just to pee!

Scammer: OK.

Me: What was that website again?

Scammer: (Active website address).

Me: Are you SURE it’s secure?

(Conversation ends).

One thought on “TERRY DULLUM: The Dullum File — Scammin’ The Scammers, Part 2”

  • Chuck Bush December 1, 2015 at 9:50 am

    I like to play with them, too. At some point I’ll tell them I don’t have a computer, or that my phone has just been disconnected so I can’t talk any longer. I may steal your bathroom line.


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