TERRY DULLUM — The Dullum File: Kim Holmes

Grand Forks does things a little differently sometimes. For example, instead of buildings, it names “lift stations” after people like Marilyn Hagerty and Dave Barry.

A new tradition now, perhaps. Last night, the alley that runs behind Sanders 1907 restaurant was renamed “Kim Holmes Alley of Love.”

To me, it seems like just yesterday that Kim rolled into town on his chopper and established Sanders. In fact, it was 1985.

It quickly became the place to go for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. But Kim once told me he also wanted it to be a comfortable spot where people could go to relax and have fun.

Kim, who favored Zubaz at work, retired from the nightly grind a few months ago, kept it lively. I always called him He Who Wears Crazy Pants (behind his back, of course.)

Over the years, Kim has always been my “go-to” guy when I wanted to illustrate just about anything food-related on television. National Pizza Day? Call Kim.  They’re going to be serving chocolate-covered bacon on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair this year? Call Kim. To date, that last one, a chocolate-covered Dullum File segment has gotten 25,769 hits on YouTube.

Sanders restaurant, in three — soon to be four Grand Forks different locations — has been enormously successful. What fewer people know is how generous Kim has been in donating his services to charities and causes around town.

One little example. A few years back, I emceed an Oscar viewing party at the Empire Arts Center. The event’s organizing committee decided it needed some appetizers. Call Kim. I thought some cocktail weenies in a nice sauce, perhaps. Kim showed up (on his Sunday night off) with a table of food that I’m sure would rivaled Wolfgang Puck’s that year at the Oscars. No kidding.

Kim has become a booster for all things Grand Forks — and a good one. He richly deserves the alley that now bears his name. Thanks for everything, pal.

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