Lenovo installed evil adware — on its own computers

Lenovo, the computer manufacturer, chose to preinstall malicious Superfish adware on laptops it’s been selling since September. That’s scary. Why?  Superfish, “the most virulent, evil adware you could find,” blows a big hole in your browser security making your passwords ripe for theft.  In typical corporate spin, Lenovo says it has done no wrong.


Minnesota legislators believe they’re smarter than scientists and want to determine H2O standards

Some Minnesota legislators in St. Paul want to own the final say about water quality standards in the state. Essentially, a weird mix of Republicans and Iron Range Democrats are saying, “We don’t want to protect our water the way that science says we should.” Do you trust your elected representative to make that decision for you?


KFGO’s McFeely skewers N.D. Republican prayer snafu

Mike McFeely, a radio talk show host in Fargo, has some fun and takes some swipes at the Republican Party’s handling of a non-Christian prayer episode at the Legislature in Bismarck. As he says, “They walk among us.” And McFeely isn’t referring to Muslims.


The secrets of sleep

In his book, “Dreamland,” David Randall wants you to know five things about sleep:

  1. We don’t know much about sleep.
  2. We don’t think much about sleep.
  3. We pretend sleep doesn’t matter.
  4. Sleep matters, a lot.
  5. And boy, is sleep ever weird.
    Check out the book review and other fun facts about why “we spend a third of our lives paralyzed, eyes closed and having vivid hallucinations” on the Boing Boing site at …


A story about cancer and hiking

Backpacker Magazine is a slick, well-designed mag that’s mostly about how-to tips and expensive gear you should go out and buy — right now! Sandwiched between that stuff is one or two very good, well-written stories. In the latest edition, the story “Gone Hiking” is a riveting, somber and hopeful read.

“Terminal cancer. What would you do if your doctor delivered the scariest two words in the English language? Andy Lyon went for a hike.”

Not just any hike. He chose to backpack the 2,655-mile Pacific Crest Trail.


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