LINKS TO NEWS WORTH YOUR TIME: Another Proposed Pipeline And Info From The North

TransCanada wants another oil pipeline

TransCanada Corp. wants U.S. approval to build another pipeline.

The “Upland Pipeline” doesn’t have anything to do with hunting game birds. However, it would move Bakken Shield oil from North Dakota 200 miles north and then east to “great markets” in eastern Canada. TransCanada and North Dakota officials provided predictable comments in the story by The Associated Press.



Software dude explores Tim Hortons, coffee and your chance of winning a prize

A software developer using crowd sourced data dispels the myth that bigger cups leads to bigger prizes at the popular fast coffee company.



Iceland likes the Internet the most

Iceland ranks No. 1 in Internet use than any other European Nation. Ninety-seven percent of the country’s population of 325,000 connected with the Web regularly in 2014. For this story, and a whole lot of other choices about Scandinavia, check out IceNews, “News from the Nordics.”


These 10 traits could help you live better

What makes us happy? Money? Friends? Love?

Or what make us unhappy? Profanity? Cold? Double standards? Californians?

A California psych professor says that up to 50 percent of our outlook is built right into our genes.

So one writer tapped the professor and other sources to collect useful info to help make sure our perspective thermostats are set at the most comfortable level .


Of theoretical theory and purity

This nerdy story is for smart people or college sophomore theoretical physics students. It begins with a game and  probes whether fundamental theories of nature are allowed to hide information.  And what entanglement in its many meanings might mean to science.





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