LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — Early April Accomplishments

Planned some North Dakota Road Trips for camping and hiking.

Took out some seasonal stuff from storage, chatted with neighbors and friends and daughter and others. Didn’t watch The Masters. Watched and listened to spring birds, filled bird feeders, laughed at squirrels and bunnies and spotted new spring growth here in North Dakota.

Lastly, took out my hand saw and with the brute strength of my arms, using my trusty hand saw and other hand tools, I pruned a crabapple tree (lopped off a couple of other rogue branches on trees and shrubs in my yard) and made a pile of branches to dispose of at some point. Spring shit that needed to be done around here at Red Oak House. Rumor is there is snow coming. Wish me luck while I buckle down and try to update my household routers. I’d like to get that done before we take the camper out for the summer.

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