LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — Scoria Point Overlook

Photo was taken at Scoria Point Overlook, which has changed since I took the photo. (The sandstone rock in the photo is no longer there because the National Park Service has built a new sandstone wall.) Go there yourself people!

One thought on “LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — Scoria Point Overlook”

  • Richard Watson March 30, 2022 at 10:06 am

    we move the boulders out of way/we build walls to protect us and serve nature/we bring back the buffalos and wolves (we think)/we sing the blues as if we knew/but all we know is our own blues/From Doggerlands to the Badlands we do not know the mystery beyond/the proper Tongue is not Norse, Saxon, Mandan or Lakota/the proper tongue is Spirit talk and we can only sing the song when we stop trying to move the stone


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