LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — Red Oak House Winter Notes No. 7

Gentle readers, those who know us here at Red Oak House know that I write my blog when time permits, and I feel inspired or moved in some way. In our busy lives, Jim and I joke about “the lives of the English majors.”

The past two years have been a blur, “smushed together” some might say.Thursday and Friday, Jim and I attended the Mandan (N.D.) Public Library silent auction and Friday we picked up two treasures we scored — a period Mission lamp and a North Dakota book not yet in our collection. We left laughing and feeling good about contributing to the efforts of the public library across the Missouri River from us to update that city resource. Our paths crossed with lots of old friends who love libraries and have worked in libraries and … you get the picture. Mandan, where my mother lives in a care facility from which she can watch the western river country in North Dakota, sunsets and birds and more.

A note to readers about the functionality of my blog before I hit PUBLISH. I am aware that Google’s FeedBurner is dead. I’m not much interested in tackling that, but I do appreciate those of you who have given me the heads up. I dealt with it as I received notices from Google and I’m content with that as a writer. Meanwhile, I’m grateful that unheralded.fish picks up my blog, cleans it up and makes it better. You can follow the unheradled.fish writers at that website and subscribe through that website functionality if you wish.

Happy trails to you! I’ve got some bird feeders to fill.

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