JIM FUGLIE: View From The Prairie — Augmenting Your Business With A PPP Loan

This might be the shortest story I ever post here.

While doing some research for an earlier story I wrote, I came across the website that apparently tracks every single “loan” made under the pandemic-inspired Paycheck Protection Program. That’s the program that was passed by Congress in 2020 to help keep small businesses afloat during the pandemic. Businesses went to their local banks, borrowed enough money to allow them to keep paying their employees during downturn in business caused by the pandemic, and the government repaid the loan for them.

Millions of small businesses are still around today because of the program. According to a website that tracks the loans, there were 11,768,680 loans made by 4,318 lenders, and the average loan was $67,866.

I was kind of curious to see who got those loans. I didn’t want to look at the whole list of 112 million, so I decided to just check to see if North Dakota’s most visible conservative legislator was on the list.

Sure enough. Rep. Rick Becker doesn’t like government programs much, unless they put money in his own pocket. The PPP program began April 3, 2020. The next day, April 4, American Bank Center in Bismarck approved two “loans” for him, one for $42,700 to Becker Plastic Surgery LLC and the other for Ricky C. Becker MD, PC, for $20,800.

Well, that didn’t take long. A little more information on these loans. As part of the application process, the borrower has to list how many jobs will be saved by the “loan.”

Welcome to the Becker Plastic Surgery website! Refer a friend and take a trip to Victoria’s Secret!
Welcome to the Becker Plastic Surgery website! Refer a friend and take a trip to Victoria’s Secret!

The “loan” to Becker Plastic Surgery says it is a Limited Liability Corporation and the “loan” will save five jobs. I took a look at the Becker Plastic Surgery website, and sure enough, there are five people still working there, waiting to help you with any augmentation needs you might have.

The “loan” to Ricky C. Becker MD PC said it is a sole proprietorship, and the “loan” will save one job. Hmmm. Whose job do you suppose that one saved.

Well, that brightened up my morning! Hey, if you want to check to see if any of your favorite conservative friends got a “loan,” just click here and type in their name. Feel free to share what you learn in the “Comments” section below

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