PAULA MEHMEL: Shoot The Rapids — Be Part Of The Solution

Those who are outraged by the changing recommendations regarding masking by the CDC are a case in point why people should perhaps trust science and get the vaccine rather than leaning on their own limited understanding or the advice of friends who are not credible medical and public health professionals.

Life is dynamic, not static, and all things evolve, including viruses. That means that you need to be responsive to those changes when they happen. The reason the Delta variant of COVID-19 is so bad and is so concerning is because it has evolved from the original virus. If people are not vaccinated, it will continue to evolve into a more virulent strain that may send us all back to a lockdown and cause more death.

The irony is that the unmasked, unvaccinated people who are complaining about the rise in cases are exactly the cause of the rise in cases. If they would just get vaccinated, we wouldn’t be in this mess. So perhaps quit complaining, learn a little about science, and GET VACCINATED. You are the problem, not the policies that are protecting us from the damage the unvaccinated are doing.

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