JEFF OLSON: Photo Gallery — Rocky Mountain National Park

Fort Collins, Colo., photographer Jeff Olson took advantage of some nice weather this past weekend and visited nearby Rocky Mountain National Park, where he encountered some wildlife as well some stunning sights.


One thought on “JEFF OLSON: Photo Gallery — Rocky Mountain National Park”

  • DE Green March 3, 2021 at 12:44 am

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Rocky Mountain National Park. On my visit to Alaska and the National Park there that is being protected from ALL commercial development I learned that these parks belong to the PEOPLE of this country, NOT the government. That really lite a fire under me related to that present man representing our country was doing. HIs sale of land that was NOT HIS TO SELL, got me all fired up and I haven’t stopped sharing that information since. I do not remember the bus driver’s name, but he certainly made a difference in my life with those words. Having grown up in the woods, and having fished the streams, picked greens for Christmas wreaths with my father, I learned to appreciate all that is wild and basically untouched. From that point on my connection with wood, leather, anything that is a product of LIFE is near and dear to me.
    Stop the clear cutting, especially of the lands in Central America. Our whole climate rests with those trees and their production of oxygen for us to breath.It is a point of balance unlike any other on our planet, and the destruction of the land and trees is doing more than is presently known.


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