PAULA MEHMEL: Shoot The Rapids — Wanted: Responsible Leaders

Joe Biden won the popular vote for president by nearly 6 million votes and his electoral college total of 306 is identical to President Trump’s in 2016, though his winning margins in close states is significantly higher. The election was considered the most secure in history, as stated by Trump appointee Chris Krebs, who was fired for doing his job well.

With the exception of one procedural case, all attempts at blocking the vote in court have been thrown out or defeated. Trump’s lawyers don’t even claim widespread fraud in court because it is illegal to knowingly lie. However, Trump continues to lie and sow discord and distrust. The unwillingness of the Trump administration to assist in the peaceful transfer of power is abhorrent and putting the lives of Americans at risk. It is an affront to democracy.

So will someone please explain to me why so many people who claim to love our country and its democratic values are willing to put all principles aside to assuage the ego of a man who clearly cares more about himself than the people he was elected to serve.

I keep hoping and praying that people of decency will wake up and that we can once again have a country where we have two parties with ideological differences but a shared commitment to our Constitution, the rule of law and the power of the vote. The blind allegiance to this man at all cost is going to cost us so much more every day this charade continues.

I am no longer looking for heroes or patriots. I am simply praying for leaders who will put country ahead of party just this once and let Biden’s transition begin so more people don’t die needlessly.

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