RON SCHALOW: North Dakota Trumpublicans Are Super Flexible When It Comes To Personal Responsibility

After the most recent LGBTQ embarrassment, when North Dakota Republicans unknowingly wrote the quiet part out loud, the big R’s condemned their political party’s own thoughts and directed the smart guy to remove Resolution 31 and the other 12,000 words of their platform from the NDGOP website.

PSA: Resolutions are now exclusively available by request from corby@ndgop.org.

Who took responsibility for that minor dustup? Nobody because they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. Like Trump, who openly flaunts disinformation, the Trumpers don’t care if people see their crazy side. You may have noticed.

Yet, even after the intentional LGBTQ miscue, the NDGOP forgot to examine the other pages of its website for incriminating truths or more likely don’t care.

Because the text under the NDGOP’s “Family Integrity and the American Moral Tradition” platform tab (ndgop.org/platform) isn’t any more accurate than Resolution 31.

“Traditional American families should be encouraged and supported by policies to nurture strong marriages consisting of one man and one woman,” it is explained. Food and shelter would be encouraging and moral, but no.

And “traditional American families,” including the lake people of Minnesota, the odd duck and swamp people of Louisiana and the ice road truckers of Alaska “should be encouraged” by policies in order to “support moral values,” including the torture of traditional families from shithole countries.

It appears the NDGOP is still pining for the days of total female subservience, Archie Bunker supremacy and a large closet for the children and uncles that don’t fit in the square hole.

This denial, hiding, beating, killing and a general disdain for LGBTQ Americans has been going on for millennia. It’s a tradition.

The NDGOP also knows how to check genders in case you were wondering, and the Republicans aren’t afraid to grab. And the Trumpophiles seem proud to know that the penis and vagina serve “unique and complementary functions,” which doesn’t sound like a political issue, but they enjoy figuring out less offensive ways to communicate their bigotry. Politicians call it family values.

They falsely claim to have a genuine “immutable biological reality” on their hands, meaning LBGTQ Americans don’t exist in their reality.

Nobody was surprised to discover bigots in the base when it includes white supremacists, QNuts and Donald Trump, except for Rob Port — the conflicted blogger — who was thoroughly flummoxed by the development.

Port is currently working on convincing the same six guys that the pandemic is hardly worth worrying about, so he has a lot of needles to thread and doesn’t have time to ferret out bigots at this time.

Who did Port imagine the homophobes had been voting for? Right-wing parents have been disowning their own children for eons. Pro gay-conversion therapy language keeps finding its way onto Republican platforms.

So, we know that North Dakota Trumpublicans truly don’t want to fraternize with people they don’t understand or believe exist.

But how firmly are they attached to Party Plank No, 2?

“Personal Responsibility.”

When Donald Trump said, “I don’t take responsibility at all,” it should have been the last straw for the real “responsibility” loving Republicans of North Dakota. It wasn’t, though.

I guess they decided that “personal responsibility” is for suckers. Trump has never been a fan. If 1,000 deaths per day don’t make his conscience stir, he’s not going to admit prior knowledge of his own incompetence.

Trump treats the Ten Commandments like a to-do list.

“What you’ve witnessed and heard didn’t happen,” claims Trump, and the North Dakota Trumpublicans answer, “How high?”

And then the Trump brain trust tells America, “Listen to this one,” and the North Dakota Trumpublicans answer, “What did God tell you yesterday, sir?”

“Global warming is a hoax!” And the nasty mob shouts, “Obviously, as are the deaths and massive devastation.”

Do the disciples of Trumpunzel hate protesters more than the virus because Trump feels that way? Or is it because they want people to stop demonstrating against systemic discrimination? Is it because people protesting for equality are most likely liberals?

For whatever reason, Trumpists are eager to blame the racial justice movement for every bad act, without evidence. Protesters have killed no one, but maskless white men are happy to spread a deadly virus rather than wear a mask.

Does anyone take responsibility for unnecessarily spreading death?

“Individuals and families are responsible for their behavior,” they claim.

Do Trumpists take responsibility for demoting the oldest veterans of our wars to “elderly people die” status in order to rationalize a colossally failed scheme to politick one’s way through a pandemic? It has cost the deceased and their families priceless time? “Yes, we know they probably had pre-existing conditions.” “No, old people run down by a bus aren’t stamped COVID-19.”

At his campaign’s Promiseskept.com website it says, “President Trump recognizes the precious gift of life and protects the sanctity of life at all stages,” unless the threat on life is the coronavirus. They absolutely need an asterisk.

“Well, he has pre-existing conditions.”

“Yes, but you pushed him off a cliff.”

“He kept singing, ‘Up a Queazy River Alongside the Old Lamp Pole’ by the Mills Brothers. It’s a swinging tune, but I snapped.”

Presently, Trump is screaming, “Rigged. Rigged,” and showing the real Americans how to be irresponsible months in advance. It’s a bold trick to pull off without any evidence, but the Trumpites have jumped on board and evidently figure that delegitimizing the election in August will save them time later.

“God calls him sir.”

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