RON SCHALOW: Cramer Breaks With Trump On Pandemic

On Friday, June 12 — a date concocted to mark time — North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer came down hard on a critical issue, a current crisis, which will surely fracture his chummy relationship with President Donald Trump.

Cramer linked to an opinion piece published by RealClearPolitics, entitled “Unnecessary Lockdowns Created Social Turmoil, Global Suffering,” on his Twitter Page.

He added, “We’d better never fall for it again. It’s past time for people to get back to work.”

“Better never.” It’s him all right.

And “we” is Donald Trump, and he said he wouldn’t do anything differently and he accepts no responsibility.

“I have always known this is real, this is a pandemic. I’ve felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic …I’ve always viewed it as very serious.”

Trump was the person who declared a national emergency after he had wasted two months that should have been used to contain the virus. Containment is what we should have been shooting for all along — all of the pandemic response manuals say so.

It’s standard surveil, test, test, test, contact trace, blah, blah, blah. Everyone knows the steps. Trump bungled all of the early steps by not taking actions that could have prevented countrywide outbreaks and a busted-up economy.

We lead the world by a mile in COVID-19 deaths. Trump has already failed, but it is possible for the president to have done less, according to Cramer.

And Cramer disagrees with POTUS on military base names, too. “As a Northerner, I have never understood why we would name military bases after traitors.”

Cramer went berzerk at the sight of white pantsuits — do you see anyone wearing a pantsuit in the Bible? Not in the Old Testament, Missy.

The senator defended Trump when he cruelly started separating children from their parents and warehousing the tykes like prisoners.

Nowadays, Cramer stops every reporter to notify them that he’s way too busy legislating his butt off to digest news or talk to the press.

KC’s not sure if it was proper to use violence on innocent citizens so that Trump could send some bizarre signals with a Bible. It’s such a fine line.

“If we sat around all day and just worried about what the president tweeted instead of legislating, then we’d be caught in your vortex.”

A few days earlier, Cramer desperately tried to blame unidentified liberals for Trump’s ineptitude and Trump administration rules:

”As I told Liz MacDonald on Fox Business, it’s ridiculous liberal leaders said to stay home for months until there was a cause they support. God forbid 11 people go to church, but millions can march because liberals say so.”

But now he’s finally had enough. The honeymoon years are over. It’s too late for the country, but nobody expected much from Kevin Cramer.

One thought on “RON SCHALOW: Cramer Breaks With Trump On Pandemic”

  • Myrna Bietz June 15, 2020 at 4:55 pm

    I don’t live in ND anymore, thank heaven. I wouldn’t want this guy to be my senator. He said you’d never see pantsuits in the Bible. True. You didn’t see any pants at all in the Bible. I don’t believe liberals said there could be protests – that happened without anyone giving permission. And how do you stop them short of guns, especially if there isn’t any violence?


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