CHUCK SCHUMACHER: Coach Chuck — The Passing Of A Year

It’s been four years since my good friend Garry Shandling passed. Here is a re-post of my article, ‘“The Passing of a Year.”

The passing of a year is a deceivingly quick event. Think of something significant that has happened in your life: the birth of a child, a dream vacation, winning a championship, graduation, or the loss of a dear family member or friend. “It seems like yesterday”, we say.

When I think about this, it always motivates me to keep up a good effort at difficult things I hope to achieve in my life. I am reminded that a year will pass either way, and it will pass quickly. I am reminded to “Do the Work” so that Year will be of benefit to me instead of time lost, never to be gotten back.

On this four-year anniversary of the passing of my dear friend Garry Shandling, I am also reminded that it was Garry, who in his life, showed me the meaning of “Do the Work.” It was my great fortune to have been his friend for almost 40 years. I had a backstage pass watching one of Americas most innovative comic talents demonstrate how hard work and persistence can pay off in a business known for constant rejection.

But that wasn’t even Garry’s most redeeming quality. He was a humanitarian who cared about people; especially people who were willing to work hard and take the necessary journey with patience.

This photo is one of my favorites taken with Garry. Here is the story behind it:

A friend of Garry’s who also happened to be his agent, called to ask if Garry and I would like to meet him at a UCLA baseball game. We decided to go but as usual, Garry was running behind, so I went on without him. Garry said he would come later. He did show up later, and when he arrived at our seats, he was carrying a copy of my book, which he wrote the forward to. I didn’t ask him to bring it, but it was such an amazing gesture of our friendship that he did. We immediately took this photo and Garry proceeded to talk to anyone who was interested about the content of my book. It was a great day!

As I think about the next year that will pass, I am encouraged by all the memories and wisdom of my friend and I ask myself this question: What will you do with this year that will pass so quickly?

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