RON SCHALOW: Ukrainian Family Freaks Out Burleigh County Corgis

How many Ukrainian refugees can move into the city of boring blank walls without riling up the usual small pack of those yappy little territorial Burleigh County Corgis the corrupt president enjoys lying to?

Zero. They’re banning light bulbs. No, it’s murals. Bismarck is banning murals or morals to the story. It’s extreme vetting for everyone to mayoral standards, nowadays. Stonings are scheduled for the third Taco Tuesday of the month, weather permitting, and BYOR.

And It’s a big NO on the Syrian hamsters, but White Russians are still OK even if the Kahlua is Mexican. And 15 flush salutes are mandatory for select tropical fish.

Recently, the small pack felt desperate twinges of lust for a vacant wall and helped wet plate photographer Shane Balkowitsch gain more fame. All because his Greta Thunberg image exposed a vast liberal conspiracy to control bathroom access, frantically grab guns and urge everyone to wear revealing kilts.

The Balkowitsch picture has now gone global. Paris lit up a 40-footer and Greta will be 70 feet tall in Los Angeles. Sales of Thunberg posters have gone underground in western North Dakota to appease the sensitive hunter-gatherers.

Now, the same people — more or less — are steamed because a family of eight Ukrainian Pentecostal Christians, a historically persecuted religious minority — including five kids —were placed in Burleigh County.

According to “North Dakota, a Guide to the Northern Prairie State (1938),” Wilton is the center of a Ukrainian settlement that originally formed in 1897. Many worked at the lignite mines.

A few more Ukrainians aren’t going to upset the demographic balance of Burleigh County.

But the Ukrainians came in December and the Corgis weren’t notified until February as if it were any of their business in the first place. It’s a serious violation of no existing law. Anyway, the news of refugees really wound the rally hounds up, and it got ugly on unsocial media.

The BCC’s have experienced things you can’t understand unless it’s happened to you. There are modern-day off-brand humans moving around city limits without their consent and it’s incredibly stressful for the corgis.

The nosy “humans” acquire their despicable attitudes from “Dystopian Donnie” and probably suffered a rash. Trump has uttered nothing but lies about the ancient U.S. refugee resettlement program and the 70 million refugees in the world displaced by oppression, war, genocide, famine, catastrophic weather events and acts of God.

Trump lies nonstop, which can disorientate a gullible sort and is always worth mentioning — just in case someone hasn’t heard. Lying about immigrants and the weakening economy is his 2020 election plan and I’m not kidding.

I guess when a group has meekly accepted the barbarous cruelty of taking frightened children from their horrified parents, it’s easy to pretend that we’re not part of the world and easy to shut the door on suffering.

Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken said, “If we can’t meet the needs of people here, why bring new ones in?”

That’s a profoundly confusing question since anyone can move into the city without fanfare — I’ve done it a few times. And why can’t we meet the needs of desperate people? The state is sitting on billions.

Imagine the commotion if “Badger” and “Skinny Pete” multiplied times four move into sweet and innocent Burleigh Country. That’s eight addicts with wicked chemistry skills and pleasant sales pitches.

These criminal types are real money pits for a city, but the “frenzied America First” crowd has lost focus on the math. The MAGA mind allows presidential level lies to set up shop in their consciousness and scapegoat the wrong people.

The Red Hats, in turn, are spreading false information about refugees when there are hundreds of expense categories — that exist due to the nature of home-grown people — that actually appear on the spreadsheet of city costs.

You know, cost. The one and the sole reason the wall people don’t like this family of eight. Cough.

The Ukrainians have been vetted down to their marrow. It’s everyone else that’s suspect and costing the yappers so darn much money.

North Dakota used to get giddy when a family of eight crossed the border pulling a U-Haul and stopped 15 minutes for gas. Tourism baby!

Three young adults and five kids would have sparked a bidding war between hamlets trying to stave off extinction.

Evidently, part of our population has turned scared and picky. It’s a sad thing to see.

“Through their national societies, the Ukrainians in Burleigh, McLean and Billings Counties in the western half of the State have retained much of the music, dances, and costumes of their native land. The Ukrainians are fond of flowers and their homes usually have beautiful gardens, in which they can be seen working in the early hours of summer days.” — North Dakota, a Guide to the Northern Prairie State

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  • susan gorr February 26, 2020 at 3:12 am

    All I can do is place my hands over my face and mourn how despicable and selfish people are to react in these embarrassingly ridiculous ways. I REALLY can not believe how daft a large amount of North Dakotans are. “It’s a serious violation of no existing law” ~ good one!


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