NICK HENNEN: Now I See — Dakota Magic

Despite how this looks, and I suppose partially because of it, North Dakota is a beautiful place. I sometimes miss the wide openness and wildness of a good blizzard. The whole world shuts down and you can crawl under the covers with a good book for hours unnoticed. Stopping to listen to the wild wind. Appreciating the warmth of your cozy cocoon and the walls sheltering you from the elements.

Nowhere to go, no need for anything.

Like a raging sea, the powerful North Dakota blizzard rips through the wide-open prairie with wild abandonment. Sometimes it even sounds like a freight train whizzing by. I miss that.

Mostly, though, I miss the people. It was good for me and I tried to be grateful for it while it lasted. I’m so glad I lived there for as long as I did. I’ll always be proud to say I’m from North Dakota💙

(Photo credit: Curt Teigun, Devils Lake, N.D., where they recorded 28 inches of snow recently.)

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