PAULA MEHMEL: Shoot the Rapids — We Deserve Better

On Monday the U.S. withdrew approximately 1,000 troops from the Syrian border, allowing Turkey to slaughter our faithful allies, the Kurds, and leaving no one to guard the ISIS soldiers, allowing them to escape.

On Friday the Turks dropped bombs so close to the U.S. troops that they almost returned fire. As fellow NATO members, the Turkish Army knows where our troops are.

Also on Friday, 1,800 U.S. troops were sent to Saudi Arabia to defend against Iran. The commander-in-chief boasted that Saudi Arabia had paid for the soldiers and weaponry in advance.

So in the course of five days under the current administration, the U..S. military went from being defenders of democracy, stalwart allies and the front line in the defense against terror to paid mercenaries defending a kingdom that slaughtered Jamal Khashoggi in cold blood.

Our men and women who pledge their lives to serve and protect our country deserve better and so do we. The man making the decisions is a danger to democracy and to the safety of the free world.

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