RON SCHALOW: Hysterical Minot Blogger Smears Calm Fargo Columnist

Jim Shaw wrote a column for ForumComm titled “We shouldn’t be afraid to shop, worship or go to school.” Shaw has issues with the high level of gun violence in our country, Donald Trump, and he speaks for millions of sentient Americans.

ForumComm hack Rob Port couldn’t have that. 

Evidently unable to see beyond his yard in Minot, N.D., Port headlines his rebuttal and deranged tantrum, “Who Is Really Afraid to Shop, Worship, or Go to School?”

As if nobody has fears of a terrorist. The concealed carriers of Glocks on code red make a lie of Port’s main premise since some of those guys are on a constant frenzied frightened state of hyper-alert. 

How many kids have added stress? All of them. They make metal-lined backpacks and bulletproof clipboards now. Schools run drills. 

I’m glad that Rob has no mental concerns, but most people are normal.

“Is anyone really afraid to do those things? Maybe some, but are those feelings based in factual reality or just feelings?” asks Port.

What difference does it make?

Fear is a feeling. Rob’s asking if feelings of fear are based on feelings. That seems like a stupid stupid question. Fear is a chemical party of varying intensity, so it’s factual chemistry and mostly involuntary.

And Port wanted to make sure that people wouldn’t get the impression that citizens who shoot up buildings full of people aren’t necessarily Danish white. And no paranoid right-wing, white nationalist, alt-right, incel disaffected dude would ever take Donald Trump seriously and act on Trump’s racist ravings. 

But Rob wrote this Jan. 4, 2016: “Trump seems content to pander to actual paranoid racists.” — Rob Port, during his Never-Trump period, but now Port’s back in line and can’t handle the truth.

And Rob doesn’t think we have an inordinate number of gun-related casualties. Evidently, he seems to be satisfied with the current number of deaths.

But Robbie also wanted to deceitfully tear flesh from Jim Shaw for some disturbing personal reason but didn’t succeed in spectacular fashion.

  • Rob Port: “Fear and hysteria are useful political tools, but when wielded by demagogues like Shaw we can usually trust that they aren’t grounded in fact.”

Wielded? Is Rob’s accusation of demagoguery of fear and hysteria based in factual reality or just feelings?” It must be feeling or projection because the allegation is silly on its face. 

  • Rob Port: “Someone like Shaw doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about public policy and its relationship to how we live our lives, because for them that’s not what politics is about.”

Huh? Who is “someone like Shaw” and how does Port know how much time Jim spends thinking about anything? Rob rails at thought crimes, then presumes to read the minds of countless people. Port should worry about his own thinking.

  • Rob Port: “For them it’s a team sport, and a mass shooting is just an opportunity to score points on the other side.”

Seriously? I’ll assume “them” is someone liberal like me and I can report that every other word Port used in that sentence is not factual reality. I have the secret lefty newsletter on hand for proof. Plus we would never be able to agree on the rules for this “sport,” in a hundred years.

  • Rob Port: (Because Shaw, a former journalist, is blinkered by his hatred for people who don’t think like does, he doesn’t mention the divisive and hateful rhetoric which also comes from the left.)

Rob looks to be pro “divisive, hateful and dangerous rhetoric,” as are his Robots. It’s a tough position to defend, but Port will just pull a Trump. Lie and place blame elsewhere.

  • Rob Port: “People like Shaw want you to be scared because that serves their preferred political narrative.”

That’s not true. “Their” doesn’t have a preferred political narrative or it could be an insanely large conspiracy.

  • Rob Port: “That’s what people like Shaw want to do. They want you to feel fear and loathing, and ignore certain facts, so that you’ll react the way they want you to politically.”

 Really? Nobody but Trump is going the fact-free fear and loathing route, and the “red hats” are really reacting politically.

  • “I also put in some opinion — and people may disagree with the conclusions that I draw — but I think that the one thing even most of my critics and maybe detractors will agree upon is that if I say something is a fact, it’s a fact.” — Rob Port 

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