RON SCHALOW: Trump Leadership Turns North Dakota Into A Swing State

In the year 2000, the Supreme Court installed George W. Bush into the presidency and it blew the call in multiple ways. Bush was/is an intellectual wisp in his own family, a lazy POTUS and easily manipulated by sociopathic jamokes like Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Roger Ailes and Dick Cheney. 

When the Supremes stopped the count and the bizarre chad fiasco left Florida, Bush had 271 electoral votes to Al Gore’s 266. It would have been Gore 269 and 268 for Bush if North Dakota had stepped up against the madness. 

If more voters in this state knew low-level mediocrity when they saw it, we could have saved the country eight disastrous years of death, loss of limbs, mass human displacement and near financial collapse. 

And how many people in the country thought they were voting for George H.W.? 

But Gore wore too many earth tones, so he was a goner. 

But in 2019, there’s a new swing state in the game. The gold plating has been flaking off of the fraud like a snake shedding its skin. “Oh, he really is a snake. Imagine that.” 

Trump has never been that popular in North Dakota. The election was his high point. When he kept coming to the state so that Cramer would shut the hell up, all of the red hat marks were mesmerized. Then, Donnie was crowned and he kept talking and signing big wine menus. By May 2017, he was already down to 50 percent approval in the state.

As they watched the chaos, the pragmatic sector of the North Dakota Trump voters started getting queasy and fought the urge to be sandblasted every day around noon with stoic stares.

Trump and whoever will have to live in Burlington and they will need to visit the “drain plug for the center of the continent” state often and eat hotdish. Wyndmere could be the decider. Eddie in Strasburg could tip the balance.

Prepare to either “glow and grip” or close your blinds. You’ll WISH for Jehovah’s Witnesses or aggressive vacuum cleaner salespeople. “Of course I want to talk to you about the multilevel marketing of used Q-tips. Are you kidding?”

Losing North Dakota would be a royal humiliation to Trump and it wouldn’t be a big help for Kelly Armstrong. 

From 538.com:

“Since Trump took office, his net approval in North Dakota has decreased by 18 percentage points.” — 538.com.

Heck, Don’s only 51 versus 46 disapproval in the black. 

“The state where Trump is most underperforming partisan lean is North Dakota — it is 33 points more Republican-leaning than the nation, but Trump’s approval rating there in July was only 5 points higher than his disapproval rating.”

And you have to consider Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., who is like a transdermal narcotic patch on Trump’s backside. He is only polling at 47 percent. That’s a tell. DT’s policies aren’t working out for either of the bullshitters.

I have no clue how it’s going to shake out in the next 15 months. I know Trump isn’t going to get any smarter or less of a lying racist smudge of scat in that time. Maybe the asshole will be impeached or retreat to the Everglades in shame and live out his life as a manatee. I’m pulling for jail.

But it’s a guarantee that Kevin Cramer is going to spin fantastic yarns to cover for at least a dozen of Trump’s tone-deaf larks. Kev’s prone to mind-numbing logic, and that will bring Trump down into the 40 percentiles.  

One scenario: If this NBC analysis comes to pass, North Dakota could be a player. Our three electoral votes could mean something. If Trump gets two votes and the Democrat gets one, the nation is screwed.

“The ultimate nightmare scenario for Democrats might look something like this: Trump loses the popular vote by more than 5 million ballots, and the Democratic nominee converts Michigan and Pennsylvania back to blue. But Trump wins re-election by two electoral votes by barely hanging onto Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Maine’s 2nd Congressional District — one of the whitest and least college-educated districts in the country.” 

And some unnamed Democrat could have coattails for state candidates. Or the NDGOP might feel an undertow in retaliation for enabling and emulating Trump. Gov. Doug Burgum endorsed the lying racist and never says boo.

There might be a few one-off polls, but Morning Consult has been keeping ongoing tabs on Trump for each state since the day the jackass took office, so it has years of data and a trendline to prove it. If 538.com chose Morning Consult to declare the state purple for the presidential race, it’s good enough for me.

Things not leaning DT’s way in North Dakota so far …

I assume North Dakota has more rodents than people and that’s not bragging. If the voles turn out to be a problem for the president, I plan on being offended.

Cramer has shown himself to be a monster of the swamp and a victim of some sort of racism. He’s pro chain link and anti-white pantsuit. Kevin amplifies the worst of Trump in an unstable fashion and needs to assimilate into one of the nonsleazy U.S. cultures.

Kelly Armstrong ran a conspiracy theory by a national TV audience to smear former CIA director, war hero and Republican Robert Mueller. Most people like real patriots over partisan ankle biters.

Trump starts an ill-advised — yet easy — trade war with China and a year later, the Asian country isn’t buying any U.S. agricultural products.

Trump wants to do away with all patient protections of the ACA, including for existing conditions.

The tariffs are tax increases. Joe Cool doesn’t seem to grasp that.

Family separation, then and now. It’s distilled cruelty.

45 is useless in a climate change fight, as are the Special K’s.


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