RON SCHALOW: North Dakota’s Special K’s Always Have Donnie T’s Back

Well, we watched our right-wing terror network working out some frustration in El Paso, Texas, plus the American terrorists currently listed as agnostic that shot up Gilroy, Calif., Dayton, Ohio, and those coming soon to your neck of the woods. And that was on top of our regular body count.

Flags were lowered. The usual suspects drew their swords in indignation. The Commander-in-Chief cheated at golf and lied to his caddy about the cleanliness of his balls. Rationalizations were made for Trump brand violence stoking rhetoric. Manipulations coursed through social media. People yelled in CAPS, but most folks were just sad.

Donald Trump’s long silence WAS the dog whistle of approval in case you missed it.

Translated: “Everything is still cool my tremendous Northern European shaded dudes. Everyone count quietly to 7 million and I’ll come in from my seventh round of mourning and denounce the whole nine yards like a cartoon turtle and blink 784 times. Oh, and wink.”

Kevin and Kelly are on Team Bigot and the Cramer’s are praying for the victims but haven’t advertised any praying for next week’s murdered and wounded. I don’t know if prayers can solve future strikes, but if they do, the Cramer’s might want to get a jump on those communications.

Congressman Kelly Armstrong condemns the “racism, bigotry, and white nationalism” but he’s REALLY “disheartened by the politicization of these tragedies.”

Sadly for his narrative; terrorism, racism, bigotry and white nationalism are already political, and Kelly’s role model has been in your face campaigning the hell out of racism and bigotry to appeal to the alt-right and white nationalists, which feeds some of the killings. It’s been in all the papers.

Now Cramer’s offended that people call his normal racist president a racist. Trump’s attacking brown people, not cities. Anyone can see that. Baltimore is code for “aren’t I nice for not saying what I really think.” DJT will denigrate every “inner city” in a blue state because he has no shame. Shame free since ‘83.

So Cramer had to run some interference for tall George Wallace with a whopper of a tragic tale.

It seems that Kevin has felt the wound of locational racism more than anybody since his was the first case ever documented. The sting of the snicker. And that was when he still lived full time in Bismarck.

Cramer Classic is constantly being victimized by Southern liberal social justice warriors in D.C. who make fun of his Sorel dress boots and red “Make America Great at Some Point” balaclava with matching baby seal mittens. Even his tie is goose down.

Was it when Bill Maher said the United States didn’t need two Dakotas that hurt Cramer so deeply? It seemed that Bill was baffled to know that mostly space has six electoral votes. It’s acres versus actual people and sometimes the dirt wins.

Simultaneously, Cramer claimed he isn’t easily offended when he’s made a hobby of being perpetually offended.

Cramer is offended by people who think family separation and chain-link caging is inhumane. It’s a tough spin, but he makes common cause with Trump’s cruelty, pardoning behavior that continues to this day

Kev went nuts and got totally offended when women wore white to a Trump speech. What’s next? Will he blow a gasket if someone wears tan shoes, pink shoelaces and a polka dot vest? Man, oh man.

Kevin was superoffended when 45’s choice of Judge Suds was accused of criminal behavior. So Cramer found his way clear to find any kind of sexual assault acceptable but penetration.

Then Junior Trump got offended by farmers who didn’t like the China tariffs suggesting that they had a low pain tolerance and that critics of the moronic tariffs were siding with China. He sided with the city slicker. Everyone else was traitors. That was a year ago.

And then our junior senator got caught by the Washington Post intimidating the refs in grand fashion for the sake of a big contributor and proved himself to be just another scaly critter in Trump’s swamp of corruption.

It seems like forever ago, but we all should know that Congressman Armstrong spent his five minutes of TV fame to slur a war hero, CIA director and a true patriot for the benefit of a draft and tax dodger. And Kelly is proud of the hilarious conspiracy theory he ladled onto Robert Mueller’s Florsheims.

Of course, Rob Port or a Port genre propagandist had to FOX up each ugly incident, but nobody can FOX up the truth better than Port.

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  • Teri Smith August 10, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    I can understand being deeply wounded when some bigoted person makes racist remarks about the color of our state. I myself am wounded about the three Musketeers in North Dakota political leadership. I should and do feel shame when they open their mouths.


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