RON SCHALOW: We’ll Leave If We Feel Like It

I’m even praying for this next sentence to be true. Except for the obvious exceptions, every person in the country knows that they’ve always been free to leave, and none of us need a cowardly lying racist to shoot his mouth off with reminders.

And the president isn’t the arbiter of who loves this country, anyway. He can’t even choose employees who don’t end up doing some jail time. Nobody decides, although we’re not in short supply of nuts who think they can make that call.

I’ve pledged allegiance 18,000 times and that was just in grade school. That should be enough. When will Donald Trump’s oath kick in? It’s not optional if that’s what he thinks. And he’s the one in love with Kim Jong-un, not me.

Leave. Come back. Leave. Don’t come back. Americans do it all of the time.

My paternal grandfather came over from Germany and farmed near Velva, N.D. He passed away in the early 1930s during the Great Depression. Unlike Donald Trump’s shady German grandfather, the Germans didn’t ask Grandpa Schalow to leave. It was his idea.

He was an American long before Donnie magically developed his bone spurs to retain his position as a sleazy predatory socialite, rather than being shot at in the jungle.

Using Trump logic, I should be packing my bags for Hamburg, since, like the freshman congresswomen targets of his bile, I don’t care for his intentional mistreatment of migrants and their children, or much of anything the New York huckster has been trying to palm off on this nation.

I spoke some German in college, but it didn’t take. I also don’t want to settle in, visit or fly over Germany. That’s my prerogative. I prefer my natural habitat.

The same goes for Norway. My maternal great-grandparents left that northern European country to homestead south of Minot, which was no picnic. Norway is beautiful, but you couldn’t get me on a Norwegian cruise at gunpoint.

The farthest I would want to go is Canada, but the Mounties probably still have hard feelings about some incidents from 30 years ago that I would rather not talk about. Anyway, those guys can carry a grudge. I’ll just stay here and they can glare at me from Winnipeg.

Vile anti-Semite? Jews who live in Israel don’t all agree on every government policy. How is it anti-Semitic, Mr. Greatest Bigot Ever? And why tether her to al-Qaeda when it isn’t true. Is it because Trump finds it impossible to ever abstain from lying? You know who I mean.

Another point that the White Nationalist in the White House with the white golf pants doesn’t understand because daddy Trump left him $400 million is the cost of travel and regrouping in a foreign country, even if they accept your application to bring all of your stuff, mostly made in China, and move in.

Not everyone has a “go-bag” under their Oval Office desk in case legal matters make this country untenable for Twitter boy.

It’s a bit expensive. And that’s just the cab ride to the airport. Most Americans would be out of money before they even passed the food court.

Forty percent of our citizens have a hard time paying their bills in this “greatest economy ever” that the Grand Wizard insists on lying about at every red hat convention. Those mobs will shout, “Shoot her up, shoot her up,” when Trump goes so far as to push that buffoon button.

If more people had the kind of money to just go back somewhere, more than a few very well might. It’s not as if this joint is going to get any classier in the short term or become any less exhausting.

Then, you have to consider language differences, especially if you can’t afford one of those little handheld translators. Maybe one of those $1,000 cell phones can handle the translation business, but I have no idea.

And there always seems to be some smart ass who is willing to pay airfare, for the person they hate.  But I wouldn’t fall for that one.

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  • Therese July 22, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    I like the phrase “a cowardly lying racist”. He’s such a bully.


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