RON SCHALOW: The Cowards Of The Country

Sen. Kevin Cramer, R-N.D., second chair apologist for sexual predators, proposed a bill that would restrict federal funding for health care facilities that “don’t respect human life and patient rights.”

Cramer gives no mention of the evil human rights abuses that President Trump has inflicted on brown children, who are unfortunately dependent on his care since the orange stain was the ONLY one to make a policy to separate the kids from their parents.

Lumpy doesn’t care. Our holy freshman Sen. Eddie Haskell is more interested in covering for the rapist and stomping out flag fires.

Of course, in the Republican “plan,” nobody had any intention of properly tending to these children, since the kids committed the most grievous crime. They stepped on our dirt.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, kiddies. Hence, no diapers, showers or those expensive brushes that the white kids in North Dakota use because they were told to, and also to maintain their dental health. Medical care? Puleeze.

“These children are already born. What good does that do for our messaging? Did they bring in any still hovering at the cellular level?”

These little ones? Treat them like livestock, but skip a few feeding times. Think tightly penned-up future veal. Just hang an air freshener.

All of the Republicans who hold office in this state have suddenly taken a vow of silence. I’ve seen no news of any bouts of empathy, fits of anger or other normal human emotions. Can we at least see some faux sadness?

Not from our DC 3? Our governor? Nope. The Republican legislators? Like any of them have the guts to step out of line and call child torture a mild concern. Compassion-free living is true freedom.

The lawmakers in Bismarck freaked out when Trump did the very least he could about gun violence by coming out against bump stocks because bullets need to be sprayed rapidly so fewer people have a chance to get away. The killing of tots doesn’t faze them. Why would sadistic child abuse raise a brow?

Trump got quite a deal from soulless private contractors to stack some the tykes into abandoned Kmarts or various other plush metal boxes. Only $750 per day each. That kind of money could get you a hamburger at Mar-a-Lago. Fries are extra, but whatever it costs to get face time with this greedy bastard of a crooked president is worth the money for the ruling class.

Of course, if the SOB didn’t want hostages and he didn’t want his elite buddies to make a mint off of the barbarous no-frills mistreatment, the children wouldn’t be interned in the first place.

The majority of the kids should have been released to relative or guardian who lives in this country. Asylum-seeking families, in a less bloodthirsty time, would be assigned a case officer and given a court date. It doesn’t take that long to sort out the adult criminals and keep relatives together.

That’s how it worked before when our leaders had a sense of shame when it came to child abuse.

Many of these kids will never see their parents again because Trump had no plan to reunite them. That sounds about right.

But the buck never stops at a desk manned by a sociopath.

3 thoughts on “RON SCHALOW: The Cowards Of The Country”

  • Susan gorr June 29, 2019 at 12:33 am

    My stomach cannot take these guys covering for their abhorrent leader and themselves by not speaking out against child abuse at the hands of the government. There can be nothing worse than tolerating this for even one minute, and I’ll never forget or forgive it.

  • Diana Green June 29, 2019 at 10:58 pm

    I used to be proud of our Country. That was before I knew what I do now.
    What in the world happened to the pretense of human decency?? Has it ALL been a sham?? My disgust is so GREAT that it is NOT just the people of ND, but of the U.S. who think it’s all someone else’s fault that these children will never see their parents again. It’s only a few steps away from YOUR CHILDREN being taken away from YOU because YOU did something that our “government” doesn’t like.

    Read the Constitution. We have a job to do about this and we have the right and the duty to do it.

  • Martin Fredricks July 11, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    You nailed it, Ron. Fucking cowards.


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