RON SCHALOW: Three Women And A Baby

On June 13, the Fargo Forum reported that the North Dakota Women’s Network had chosen Rep. Ruth Buffalo to be their 2019 “Woman of the Year.”

How dare any of that happen!

Immediately, a Forum blogger, Rob “Bill Barr” Port, aka “Baghdad Rob” became irate, hungry and a bit peckish. So, after a snack, the self-proclaimed “journalist” grabbed a keyboard and stomped to the sitting couch in a snit. He sobbed into a throw pillow until coming up with this deceitful gem for a headline for the June 14 release.

The headline: “Stop Rewarding Politicians for Just Winning Elections”

Buffalo didn’t deserve this recognition according to the petty little man, and she just finished “a legislative session in which her accomplishments were, if we’re being generous, quite modest.” Think the opposite. Port frequently adds lies to keep his base happy.

Baghdad then lumped Kylie Oversen, who was named 2014 “Woman of the Year,” by the NDWN into his list of the undeserving. Oversen has been a target of Port smears for years. He knows he’s superior, so it can’t be jealousy. Port’s a high school graduate, you know.

In Port’s narrow mind, the North Dakota Woman’s Network doles out awards in the same fashion as the Norwegian Nobel Committee tosses around gold and exactly how the Forum chooses its “Person of the Year.”

Port could have called his employer to ask why Heidi Heitkamp was chosen as the Forum’s “Person of the Year” in 2012, but the truth would ruin his premise.

Robbie can mutter to himself about Barack Obama receiving the Nobel Prize or Heitkamp’s POY award, but it appears he’s too stupid to know that the NDWN has nothing in common with a newspaper that should have regrets for hiring him or the Norwegians in Oslo. People used to grasp simple concepts.

As would be expected, the NDWN lists the criteria for “Woman of the Year” nominations and winning an election isn’t one of its requirements. Detective Port evidently didn’t think to look there.

The Women’s Network is a private organization with the right to publicly assemble. It makes its own rules, which really steams the acorns of a modern-day misogynist like Port, who thinks that females are a threat to his near dormant sensibilities. That pontoon has already left the dock, fish lips.

Confusing “we” with “somebody else,” Port whines, “My question, for the purposes of this post, is why we spend so much time rewarding politicians for just winning elections?” Personally, I spend zero time doing what Rob evidently thinks “we” are doing.

So the human blister just made up a whole contrived story so that he could take shots at his favorite targets, namely women who are vastly more accomplished than him in every way. Even sleazy Donald felt shame for Port’s machinations to blame feminists for his shortcomings.

But that’s not all.

Two days later, on June 16, Bob featured the same three women in a lie-filled meandering Sunday print column. Of all of the gin joints.

Port wanted to assign selfish motives for former U.S. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s One Country Project, and he did. Heidi is always rolling around his pinball machine of mind.

Then Port lept as far as he could — about 6 inches — to contrast Heitkamp’s message with some imagined and nonsensical fable of a far left Democratic state party.

This is where Kylie Oversen re-enters Rob’s fever dream, and he claims that “During her time as the titular leader of the state party, Oversen has presided over a sharp turn to the left.” Titular is a lie, but he enjoys using the word for some reason.

And the proof of this sharp turn? Ruth Buffalo. What has she said or done to have such an effect on the whole party? Port doesn’t say. It’s somehow implied, I guess. All he really wanted to say was that Buffalo has “a paucity of actual policy achievements”

I think lying Romeo is in love with all of these women, and probably Cersei from the Game of Thrones. This is the only way the doofus can tug on their pigtails.

And expect more lies from the Portweasel. About Heitkamp Buffalo, and Oversen, for sure. He dislikes or loves other women, too, but the lad will lie about anything. There are no consequences. The management of the Forum doesn’t care. He just emails his crap in and the Forum prints and promote his pap. I suppose it’s easier than hiring two fact-checkers for one mediocre dude with a computer.

2 thoughts on “RON SCHALOW: Three Women And A Baby”

  • Alan Webster June 18, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    Hilarious! Well done.

  • Susan gorr June 18, 2019 at 9:13 pm

    The title alone wins the day! He makes himself look like such a clodhopper when he just looks for unsubstantiated trouble and snidely prevaricates about decent human beings who happen to be women.


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