DAVE VORLAND: It Occurs To Me — ‘The Paris Husband’

As my friends know, I recently finished my annual rereading of Proust’s 4,300 page novel “In Search Of Lost Time.”

Hemingway is my second most liked dead writer. On my night stand is a new history “The Paris Husband: How It Really Was Between Ernest & Hadley Hemingway.”

Don’t confuse this book with another, “The Paris Wife,” a fictionalized account of Ernest and Hadley’s marriage.

“The Paris Husband” is written by noted author and Hemingway expert Scott Donaldson.

Also nice: Donaldson’s book, getting rave reviews, is just 141 pages long.

On the other hand, reading it will likely stimulate me to again dip into Hemingway’s masterpieces such as my favorite, “A Farewell To Arms.” It’s 332 pages long.

Being able to do so is one of the benefits of being an old retired guy

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