RON SCHALOW: This Is The Worst Reality Show I’ve Ever Been In

It’s terrible.

The president is an asshole and his poll numbers go up in unison with his every act of ignorant cruelty. That’s one of those “known knowns.”

And maybe, “known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know.”

And I thought Donald Rumsfeld was a dick.

Now, this odd character just entered. I’ll assume that there’s a narrator in these things.

Anyway, this guy thinks he just pulled a Perry Mason on John Kerry, when it looks more like he d’oh-up at a colossal Trump hamburger-related event.

Of his own free will, Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, in the sight of God and C-SPAN, crawled up a high treacherous mountain trail to drop this stale meatloaf off a cliff.

“Well, You’re the science expert. You have the political science degree.”

You see, Kerry doesn’t have of bachelor’s of wombat watching, which is a bit of a niche science, but a bachelor’s degree in political science. Ah ha!


“So your the one who had Luke Cage canceled. Will the madness never end? Your science is bogus because you’re just a political scientist. A climate change expert indeed.

You’re a charlatan, Kerry, with your smart looking hair, but you’re like an uneducated blogger who thinks he knows how to run a college. Except taller, with less molecular density.”

Kerry was looking around for Alan Funt, with a lost at the mall facial expression.

It must have taken young Tom years to set that trap.

And I thought to myself, “I hope congressman dingleballs wears loafers.”

Then, you remember that the POTUS Tweet watching trio that represents rich people and oil, in this state are no prizes either.

They are in a constant state of bending the knee to Trump. Once is enough, guys, and it’s pretty much the same as taking a knee. It’s OK since they aren’t black.

A few days ago, Sen. Kevin Cramer went full-on Space Cadet.

Which can mean only one thing. A few of “them” are going to make a break for it, and I’m thinking, “Don’t forget your jammies.”

  • “As we heard today, space is no longer a sanctuary. It is a contested domain, and eventually a Space Force will have to exist. Whether we choose to act now or once we have lost ground, the United States must build a Space Force if we are to maintain American dominance in space. While many of my colleagues rightly expressed their concerns over the fine details of the proposal, I urge them to be aspirational and to understand this immediate need. I stand with our nation’s military leadership and look forward to working with my colleagues and the administration to get this done.”

Space is longer a sanctuary to who? Have there been people sneaking up there and resting-in-peace? Either way. Normal blood pressure or zero vitals. It sounds great.

The immediate need is a massive effort to stall or reverse the emission of greenhouse gases, but Earth can wait until we’ve conquered space.

Who better to talk bullshit about Space Force or any unnecessary topic? Kev made the case for separating families and still won the Senate seat. He even reinvented the act of sexual assault to get the snarling Hamm’s bear one of those nice court robes.

Cramer’s also been busy fighting for the downtrodden, like gun manufacturers, oil companies and allowing lobbyists as Cabinet members. He may be unaware, but there are experts available, although probably unwilling to sit in the same room as Trump, who don’t want to destroy the planet.

Then, Herman Cain for Federal Reserve landed hard. I was a tough landing for HC. Even Cramer could see that pizza man wasn’t remotely qualified for the job. But he couldn’t say that. So.

Senator “‘would it really be all that bad if it DID happen? Spuds was of average randiness for the time.”

To this.

“Sen. Cramer: The sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain concern me.” — Fox Business Videos • April 12, 2019

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) on why he wouldn’t vote in favor of Herman Cain joining the Federal Reserve’s board of governors.”

Too bad Kevin ignores that the New York con man isn’t remotely qualified for the job and a sexual predator.

Guns vs. VAWA

Congressman Kelly Armstrong voted against Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the slips this press release under the door.

“I am disappointed and frustrated that Democrats have politicized protecting women from violence, but I cannot compromise on core constitutional protections.”

The NRA said Armstrong must stand up for the domestic abusers, assaulters of women and stalkers. Women and Democrats thought it wise to restrict these creeps from handling guns. Armstrong wants to wait until these model citizens are charged with murder, and then take their guns, when everyone knows that prison is the place where you really need some firepower.

A few months ago, Armstrong was trying to pick a Twitter fight with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because he was mad that a woman had more fame than him.

“.@AOC, just watched your interview on @maddow . Yesterday @washingtonpost called you out for not having your facts straight during your interview on @60Minutes. Today you told @POTUS to get his facts straight … I’m confused.”

Armstrong is confused. That checks out. I don’t have any idea what all of the periods are about, though.

And I’m not a Twitter expert, but I don’t think she replied. So he hit her with I’m just a poor oil millionaire and not a celebrity like you. Teardrop emoji.

“I’m just a noncelebrity new Member of Congress. Are you offering classes on hypocrisy? Is it a Dems only class?”

I don’t think there’s such a thing as hypocrisy classes, Congressman. Never try to be funny. Pass it along.

Rob Port watched the Minority Report.

So, one day recently, Port was counting the email messages he sent and found that get 73 of the messages had received no response. He looked down the list and saw the name of an accomplished Native woman lawmaker, who purposely ignored his stupid request for information. She doesn’t like him.

Port is like one of those alt-right chaps who can’t get the girls to pay attention and whines about it publicly.

So, he’s hit the jackpot for his enlightened readers, some who will believe the headline with no reflection, even though he’s spinning a hypothetical fable based his spurious opinion of nothing that currently exists.

And Rep. Ruth Buffalo, who is smart enough not to converse with a weasel, is blamed for some infraction of the yet to be ethics measure that is false on its face and an example of one of lesser homo sapiens bouncing off the walls of a small room in a dark.

All because someone didn’t answer the question of a smear blogger. Like Trump and Glenn Close, he won’t be ignored. Robbie has important colleagues who have never used innuendo, but he sloshes it on the page like cold soup. He’s a deceitful little man.

Port, who always uses the word Hollywood like acid, watches the Hollywood TV shows and movies and is likely waiting for the last year of the “Game of Thrones.” He wishes he had a dragon but realizes that he will always be given rides to Bismarck, or wherever. It would be a pain.

Gregory Peck had the same trouble with that Damian kid as we’re having with a few Norwegian Hindu bigots.

  • “Minot Republican Rep. Jeff Hoverson, a Lutheran pastor, sat in the back of the House chamber during Rajan Zed’s prayer while other lawmakers stood at their desks. He told reporters afterward that the state’s constitution ‘does not refer to a Hindu god. It refers to … the one true God.’ — ‘I accept him, but I don’t want to be compelled to pray to a false god,’ Hoverson said.” — Bismarck Tribune

No one compelled him to do anything.

  • “Lisbon Republican Rep. Sebastian Ertelt, who’s Catholic, also sat in the back during the prayer. He said Zed wasn’t ‘praying to the same God that I pray to.'” — Bismarck Tribune

Hoverson and Ertelt said the Hindu God is not their God. Of course not. God is for everyone, as I understand it. Or, is Seabass suggesting there is more than one God. If he believes that there can be two Gods, how can he believe in one God? Maybe Hoverson will declare your maybe one God, a false God.

I don’t know what a fanatic is thinking, surely not these two.

  • “Another two GOP lawmakers who stood in the back of the chamber, Rep. Luke Simons, R-Dickinson, and Rep. Daniel Johnston, R-Kathryn, said they didn’t have a problem with Zed giving the prayer. ‘I’m not Hindu, so out of respect I just stood to the back,’ Simons said, a comment Johnston echoed.” — Bismarck Tribune

What does Luke think the representatives who stood by their desks were doing? Conducting one of those illegal protests, probably.

Oh, Doug.

Gov. Doug Burgum recently signed HB 1332, which should keep everyone alert in the president’s box during Bison games. Everybody in the building, really.

A qualified individual may carry a concealed weapon into a school real soon. A sociopath might be real handy with a firearm, but they rarely go on a shooting spree. Let that warm your spine.

Part two, I guess. “…relating to an exception to the prohibition against possessing a firearm at a public gathering.” — Legis.nd.gov

“It’s a go! Load your PISTOLS,” shouts somebody in the Bastiat Caucus, who standing in back away from that Hindu guy.

Well, If that exception is one of those hardcore gun fanatics, who are not labeled by the way, who is half full of some microbrewery artisanal craft brew with a good nose — we had four choices and never sniffed — poured only from the best pressurized double walled growlers ever invented, and the exception’s liver is about to tap out, and he sits down behind you, his weapon status unknown, you will really enjoy the game.

John is too smart to say anything that answers a question.

Nobody really worries about John Hoeven. He could be just having photo ops by now. I wouldn’t notice. I’m sure he’s following orders and keeping his head down as usual.

One thought on “RON SCHALOW: This Is The Worst Reality Show I’ve Ever Been In”

  • DE Green April 13, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    T is a twit, no question. My personal interaction with him was on twitter, where I don’t go any more. He called a terminal patient with a condition like ALS was putting a piece on YouTube for his kids so they would know what he sounded like and tell them he loved them and what was happening.T said he was a loser. I said it was a heartless thing to say. The next day my FB was hacked so badly they FB created a new page with a new name. Hum wonder where that came from? AND that was before he had become president. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
    I’m so sick of hearing his name and seeing his face, I just don’t go to news any longer.


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