RON SCHALOW: Mr. Marcil, Tear Down Port’s Hate Speech Wall

Unless Forum Communications has some bizarre legal stipulation on page 63 of a contract with “a blogger” whereby FCC has no control over anything related to Sayanythingblog and Rob Port, a Minot legend for refusing to shovel his socialist sidewalk, then pay attention.

Undiluted Hate Wall

  • “Homosexuals corrode society from within and their degenerate heads deserve to be swinging at the end of ropes.”

Who needs Craig Cobb, when one Port post can drive comments that make a Grand Dragon of the KKK smile?

Sleazy savant Port taps into the male hatred of strong women and other women who won’t date somebody not named Chad. FCC’s incel unique visitor count of alt-right incels must off the demographic charts.

The asshole consumers of fine literature don’t tune in to Sayanythingblog to not read Ports 50th same stance on e-cigarettes. Those bland missives don’t make the cashier need more ones and quarters in the till. The cretins come because they can anonymously post hate speech. Like this:

  • “No wonder LGBQTxyz suicide is popular. Not really a better way to express self-hate.”

Also under attack are the brown and anything LGBTQ. Rob’s Rubes are terrified of someone going to the bathroom somewhere. We’re not that far removed from outhouses, but now it’s a big deal.

Natives to this land rank high when it comes to racial animus on the FCC site, as they know. And, of course, Muslims, science, refugees, and math. I don’t have time to name every sore spot. Guns laws, indoctrination, science, liberals, blah, blah and blah.

  • “Right on. I don’t hire blacks or Mexicans, make sure I get deposits on any contract work done for any Jew, and shun homosexuals both in business and life.”

So what large dead rat did these bigoted buzzards smell from their perch on a dead oak that boiled their bacon? This fictional Rob Port headline of course:

“Port: Is North Dakota’s first openly gay lawmaker an anti-gay bigot?”

Currently the second most commented on Port post because of the word “gay.”

How many of the stable geniuses read past the headline? Who knows? All they knew is that some free gay bashing was being served on at the FCC Port buffet, and it was all you can vomit.

Port and ForumComm have offered a safe space for white nationalists and a whole range of bigots. And nobody involved in this Tiki torch party has been participating with any conviction in the evolution fad.

  • “As a society, we’re 45+ years behind in developing treatment(s) for LGBQTxyz because of the shortsightedness of The APAs. The APAs have sold-out LGBQTxyz in favor of political-correctness, to the detriment of both Society and the LGBQTxyz’s themselves.”

Of course, there are spectators. Those folks don’t want to get anonymously involved, which is the wise path. I was banned from commenting years ago, so I spectate. For me, it’s an anthropological study. It’s like watching apes peacefully pick lice off each other until a juicy liberal mango falls off the tree, and then all hell breaks loose.

These people could be learning new expletives at Stormfront or 4Chan, but they choose Port’s wall to scribble on. Why?

ForumComm sets guidelines for the allowable speech on its various media FaceBook pages but seem to have no interest in the cockfight taking place in its basement. Hard-core entertainment is always in the basement.

Management must remove the anonymous comment wall.

Will Forum Communications stick with the sewer wall of hate, or live by its own standards speech?

2 thoughts on “RON SCHALOW: Mr. Marcil, Tear Down Port’s Hate Speech Wall”

  • Sheila Capistran March 22, 2019 at 8:35 am

    Finding this site is a balm I sorely needed. I am grateful.

  • susan gorr March 24, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    What an absolute disgrace that North Dakota has people who would say these ugly and hateful things. What an absolute disgrace that the Fargo Forum would give them a comfortable home to speak their hateful words. Where are their community standards?


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