RON SCHALOW: Known Suicidal Citizens Allowed To Keep Guns

I’ll repeat that for the hard of listening. Known Suicidal Citizens Allowed To Keep Guns.

Our Legislature voted down the “Public Safety Protection Order Bill.”

  • “The ‘Public Safety Protection Order Bill’ (aka a Red Flag law) allows law enforcement or family members to petition a court to temporarily ban someone considered a danger to themselves or others from possessing guns.” — KFGO

This bill would have saved lives, mostly suicides by gun. Guns and suicide, topics either willfully or ignorantly not understood by the nays.

Many suicidal people will hand over their gun to their best friend or a family member. Some won’t. Some are mentally ill. Many are not. Should we not interfere?:

“And don’t say that you really wanted to do it, so butt out.”

“Well, tough. You’ll get more chances, if this intervention in your death doesn’t take. But not today, and we’ll get you proper help.”

“I’ll just wait until you give me my gun back.”

“You might act then or you might not, but not with your gun on this day.”

“Well, I could just do it another way. I could pound a nail into my head.”

“You might, but you might not. So you could if you’re confident that the nail will hit something. But not today with your for certain lethal pistol.”

“I could go get a different gun from somebody. I’ve got cash. With no background check, even.”

“You might do that, but you might not. But not today with the lethal pistol you currently own.”

“I could do it right in the Bastiat Guns and Raw Milk store. I could walk up to counter, ask to see a 38 Caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, deftly slide in a round and solve the problem.”

“You might do that, but you might not. But you won’t slide in a round into the permanently lethal pistol you currently own. Not today.”

And so forth. By removing the gun from the home during a crisis. The end result might not change. But it might.

The “suicide hot line” can’t make any guarantees, either. But many are saved. Sometimes it just takes something to break the intended direction, like a speedbump or a wall.

Oh, the “gun advocates” also want to make sure the possible school shooter has his AR-15 on hand when he ‘s ready to attack. No point in disarming a credible danger in advance.

And for those oh so concerned about our kids in schools, yet voted this down, what’s your problem? What do you see when they close their eyes? If it’s a lonely gun locked away in police storage, not being fondled, you need a better fantasy life.

Which is more likely? That a de-weaponized person will kill fewer kids or a weaponized person versus one armed guard will kill fewer kids?

I’ll count that up. It’s a certain zero if a dangerous person, who is broke, doesn’t know from who to steal and doesn’t have a weapon.

It’s only a maybe zero if the armed guard faces off with the dangerous person and wins the confrontation before the DP he can do any harm.

Which is better. Zero? Or who knows how many casualties. It’s ZERO!

If you’re an armed DP who would rather target a someplace else, the armed guard at the school doesn’t do much good.

The score is zero to who knows? It seems like if it’s possible to have a dangerous person unarmed, that’s always the better option.

Why are armed guards OK, but Red Flag laws are toxic in this state? You would think all options to protect schools and citizens should be available to the professionals.

Look, maybe these people shoot for the highest score in golf, too.

The Bastiat guys made the most racket, so paranoid that a gun would be confiscated for any reason.

  • “Our gatherings and discussions are centered around principles. The foundation of these principles is the belief that the correct use of the law is to protect the God-given rights which already belong to every individual: Life, Liberty and Property.” — Bastiat Caucus

And they have a swell new website, bastiatcaucus.org. A few of the members are named, but not Rick Becker, Luke Simons and Daniel Johnston. And there are others also wound too tight but not bragging about it.

But the Bastiat’s had some God-given Facebook stress to share.

Bastiat Caucus

Tomorrow morning, a hearing will be held for HB 1537 (commonly known as the “Red Flag” gun confiscation bill). Supporters of the Second Amendment are asked to attend and show their opposition to this bill.

As did Bastiat Representative Luke Simons: (His punctuation and spelling)


And more Luke.

“Red flag Bill, if there is such a thing as bad gun legislation, this is it.”

Luke again.

“NO compromise with the leftists who HATE our gun rights!”

And finally.

“HB 1537 The red flag Bill (Anti-gun legislation) was sent out of the house judiciary committee with a DO NOT PASS Recommendation.
Rep. Rick Becker asked for a do not pass resolution, I seconded the motion. It Came out of the committee 11 yes-do NOT pass, 2 No, 1 absent. 2-13-19 Now to the house floor.”

And a quick message to the murderers.
“HB 1332 guns in schools, protect our children in schools, against would be murderers.”

Then the jubilation.

Bastiat Caucus:

“It’s DEAD!
Thanks to YOUR efforts, HB 1537, the “red flag” gun-grabbing bill, has been killed!”

Representative Luke Simons:

“Big day today.
4 for 4 today, four of my bills came off the floor with a do pass. 1381, 1289, 1493, 1290. All of which are 100% Pro freedom /Pro property rights bills.
We also killed the dreaded 1537 red flag bill.
My voting record posted daily.”

Who are these legislators representing? The citizens, or some flawed notion of freedom?

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