RON SCHALOW: Nullification Of The Future Directed At Fargo

Two bills aimed right at Fargo. Hardly a liberal oasis, but frightening enough that some paranoid lawmakers feel a firewall is needed to prevent any progressive action on the things they hold dear. Keeping workers poor — and guns. Any brand, weight or color. Any size, grip or muzzle. And don’t you forget it!

Kevin Cramer was in Fargo without Trump a few years ago. Poor Kevin Cramer, the poor congressman at the time, was so wounded when petals weren’t anywhere is his path and folks had some difficult questions, he was forced to lie and act like a dick.

Cramer ran to Rob Port’s radio show the next day and told a harrowing tale. Port had a radio show on WDAY before it got canceled. Anyway, Kevin told of an invisible ambush and his narrow escape from Beans. Beans is a coffee shop. It was a lot like Marathon Man that starred Dustin Hoffman. Now try not to think about the dental drill. He was chased by real green beans in his early teens but doesn’t like to talk about it.

The day has been commemorated in song as the great “Bean’s Coffee on Cramer” day.

Sponsors of both bills are Bastiat Caucus members or Bastiat adjacent. It’s hard to tell when a stray regular Republican jumps on board by accident. Evidently, this caucus was formed to fill a perceived shortage of far-right libertarian legislators in the North Dakota Republican Party that claims to be for local control.

As Rep.Luke Simons red cap reads, “Make North Dakota Conservative Again.” Trump will probably have him sued.

House Bill 1381 has already passed. It doesn’t seem like it matters because it’s unlikely that we’ll do such a thing by the time the Earth swallows the whole joint, whole. Has anyone ever brought up gun buybacks? Does anyone know what will happen 25 years from now? And how does anyone know that these guys won’t be the cause of it?

Foremost, It’s none of anybody’s business what Fargo might decide in 25 years, God willing. But … no snowflake should even think of liberal pondering in the big city that hates AND and despises guns so much.

The Bastiat’s are filling all of the holes in the colander very deliberately.

  • “Today I introduced house bill 1381, to the House political subcommittee, this bill would prohibit law enforcement/ political subdivisions and the state to have anything to do with a gun buyback program. Which is done by many liberal groups that hate and despise guns. If anti-gun groups want to buy guns and destroy them, that’s their business, the government should have no role in buying guns from people and competing against private businesses.” — Rep.Luke Simons

This one, HB 1193, is certainly nobody’s business from Kathryn, N.D., because he, or a particular constituent, doesn’t want any labor cost pressure coming from anywhere. I don’t care if he saw Ayn Rand working at a gas station in Valley City or not. It’s not relevant. Is the cost of living in Kathryn comparable to Fargo’s price? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because it’s none of their business.

  • “While nationally the U.S. House Democrats are saying, ‘Consequences be damned!’ and pushing for a living wage in spite of the disastrous consequences, here in North Dakota our Legislature is taking a different approach. HB 1193 is designed to prevent “living wage” labor price controls from coming to North Dakota. This bill guarantees uniformity of minimum wage laws within the state, preventing local subdivisions from setting local wage controls inconsistent with state law. There’s still time to reach out to the members of the Political Subdivisions Committee and let them know that you support HB 1193 to prevent local political subdivisions from manipulating local wages in the state of North Dakota. Contact them today!” — Bastiat Caucus


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  • Diana Green February 21, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    This is a good reason not to move to North Dakota. WHAT A MESS!!


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