MARTIN C. FREDRICKS IV: Four The Record — Tears Of Us Clowns

In the context of the hearings to determine if Bret Kavanaugh is fit to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, Rep. Kevin Cramer has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he isn’t fit to represent anyone. Again.


The only time North Dakota’s lone congressman makes national news is when he’s inserted his foot so far down his throat it takes the jaws of life to get it out. Frankly, it might be nice if it would just stay in there for a while so Cramer wouldn’t be able to say anything else asinine that shines a negative light on our state and its people.

His latest brilliant proclamation was to say that, if Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, it’s not really a big deal because the alleged incident happened more than 30 years ago, they were both drunk at the time and it was “supposedly an attempt that never went anywhere.”

So, what you’re saying, Kev, is that since there was no vaginal penetration, it wasn’t really sexual assault. Is that about the size of it?


Cramer looks like a clown


And, unfortunately, it’s guilt by association for the rest of us. Every time he’s a clown, North Dakotans are cast as clowns, too, for electing him to Congress.

With every utterance he sounds more and more like the king-in-his-own-mind, President Donald J. Trump. Which, one has to assume by his comments and actions, is exactly what Cramer wants.

Fool. Misogynist. Puppet.

I generally try to avoid name calling, but on this one there are much stronger names I could use for Cramer.

It’s statements like Cramer’s most recent that make me want to apologize to the rest of the nation and world on behalf of North Dakotans, to let them know this is not how all people in our state think and behave.

Help you move from the House to the Senate? I don’t think so, pal.

Much has been made of Cramer’s proclamation:

Ron Shalow, Unheralded.Fish – “Why Do Kevin Cramer and Cronies Detest Females?” (http://bit.ly/2P8RaOS)

Mary Papenfuss, Huffington Post – “Congressman Discounts Kavanaugh’s ‘Supposed’ Assault That Didn’t Go ‘Anywhere’” (http://bit.ly/2O5mq4U)

Mike McFeely, The Forum – “With Kevin Cramer, North Dakota has its own Todd Akin”  (http://bit.ly/2Pa7Sxc)

Jane Ahlin, The Forum – “What Was Kevin Cramer Saying?” (http://bit.ly/2QtcdMi)

These and other writers have done a great job of saying what a jackass Cramer is, and has been.

Now if only North Dakota voters would make his political career a has-been.

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