RON SCHALOW: Why Do Kevin Cramer And Cronies Detest Females?

The regular Kevin Cramer hijinks and loathsome burbs is required writing because the belligerent stupidity is such great fun to opine. After the stomach stops churning. I mean his last gullet convulsing diatribe, on the attempted illegal something versus the completion of an illegal something equals Q was brilliant in it’s combative contempt for women, girls and sanity.

I assume that vomit inducing was the sentiment he was shooting for, since he kept repeating the same thing. KC’s blathering was some of the most imbecilic we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of words. It was pretty wet.

We’ll get back to that, but I must first admit that I am in a futile one-sided contest with an obsessive blogger who beats any of my OCD issues by a mile.

I can’t keep up with the Cramer campaign’s planting of Rob Port into the intestines of Forum Communications, and who will post three or four anti-Heidi Heitkamp headlines every day, even about the most innocuous things, but I still try.

I hope we don’t one day find out that Sen. Heitkamp’s curls are manmade. Oh, the miasma Port would feel. Information like that could lead to a tell-all book. Port would need a ghostwriter, though. His brain maxes out at 300 simple words. Weirdest thing. Sparks fly. Quite odd.

Today she bolted, yes bolted — that was extent of the blogger’s scoop — and the day before, he blamed Heidi for the doltish things that Cramer says on a routine basis. ForumComm better not come crying to me when the whole shootin’ match comes down with IBS. Irrational Bowel Syndrome.

CK says attempted sexual assault isn’t an issue, if the attacker is inept, inebriated, teenage and unsuccessful.

Actually, it’s felony.

Let’s have a drunken Rob Port lay on Cramer, like a thick wet blanket, smush his hand over Kev’s mouth and try to claw off the congressman’s bathing suit. Seriously. Without considering the breath — Port didn’t suck on any Tic Tacs, like our POTUS recommends before groping — at least one of them would be traumatized for life, and bigly nauseous. I’ve read things.

You’ve probably seen Kevin’s actual words, since they were so tone-deaf, and cretinous, that Cramer became national news once again. And just as the United Nations General Assembly laughed at Donald Trump, putting his puffed up wankerness to sniggering music, Kevin Cramer played his role, as one of America’s most mediocre back-bench fools, bringing pride to the state, once again.

“Teenagers. Not a boss-supervisor-subordinate situation, as the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill situation was claimed to be. These are teenagers who evidently were drunk, according to her own statement. They were drunk. Nothing evidently happened in it all, even by her own accusation. Again, it was supposedly an attempt or something that never went anywhere.” — Associated Press

Stop, Kevin, stop.

“My point was there was no type of intercourse or something like that.”

No intercourse — of any type. Certainly not that type, right?

According to my North Dakota way handbook, the father, uncle or grandfather of the 15-year-old sophomore will go to the garage and consider which golf club to take with while tracking down the randy 17 point buck. Allegedly.

It’s best just to take the whole bag of sticks. Then you can drive a few balls through junior’s window, to pass the time or to wake him up or to indent tiny little dimples on his forehead. Tees up the nose are painful, especially if you hammer them in with the putter. Duh. Allegedly.

Cramer evidently would allow the assault of a daughter to go unanswered. Not the North Dakota way, Kev.

It’s not hard to see that kooky Cramer doesn’t care for woman. He doesn’t have patience for females who get too uppity, or pantsuity. He seems steamed that women are even allowed to hold jobs and vote. Maybe he’s just a misogynist or perhaps his view of biblical verses that specifically name the male as the superior sex are the cause. Don’t care. I suppose Kevin has to feel superior to someone, or half of the population.

Admitted sex offender Donald Trump is simply a sociopath or a malignant narcissist. But whatever is wrong with his brain, DT feels superior to everyone and is only interested in females from a packaging standpoint.

Donnie is the mook who said that Puerto Rico is inaccessible. A kid can’t walk there, that is true, but boats and flying machines go there all the time.

Consequently, Don just lashes out out at those he’s harmed and denies their existence. He does spend a lot of time in the penthouse confessional, so there is little time to harass the ladies while he Tweets from his safe space.

Cramer’s worst mouthpiece, Rob Port, is a men’s right activist (MRA), who fears that women are a threat to Port’s maleness. Such as it is. The ladies are taking over the blogger world, and Port’s right to be fearful, since he has no other discernible skills.

I also think Rob is one of those alt-right incels who can’t get a date and blames females for purposely resisting his chiseled visage. He’s on the market, ladies.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, raised in a series of ever larger test tubes by the Federalist Society, claims to have been a virgin all of his school days, and it’s not hard to see why. Attacking classmates — allegedly — isn’t the proper route to romance. Falling down drunk isn’t nearly as attractive as it sounds.

Neither is whipping out your Reagan rod in public and waving it in face of “never to be” prospective girlfriends and/or acquaintances.

That’s what the second accuser alleges. That’s a eeeew image and totally verboten in every social setting.

“There’s a chance that this could be one of the single-most unfair, unjust things to happen to a candidate for anything,” Trump said as he arrived at the United Nations in New York Monday. “In my opinion, it’s totally political.” — CNBC

Uh huh. And Heidi Heitkamp is a liberal, and Barack Obama is a Kenyan.

And now, a third woman has come forward to tell her story about Kavanaugh. And the avalanche begins.

The question that 45, blog boy and Kevin Cramer have failed to answer, is; “What do these women have to gain?”

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  • Martin C. Fredricks IV September 26, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Keep on preachin’ Brother. Even if (especially if) the time-deaf fools aren’t payin’ attention.

  • Tears of Us Clowns - IV Words October 30, 2018 at 4:49 pm

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