LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — Thinking About Being A Mama

On this Mother’s Day, a big shout-out to these two little bugs who made me a mama — not just any mama. A mama of twins! Here they are (above) in their Minnesota Twins garb, which friends felt we must have. I was a sucker for Oshgosh togs.

Although not apparent in this photo, my house in those days was like a pink-bomb had gone off.

So many stories, which I will write someday. Right now, I’m heading to my sister’s house for a gathering for our Mother. How lucky we are to still have her in our lives. Here is a photo of her, the former Slope County shepherdess, getting some smooches from a new Morton County lamb last weekend. I’ve written about her before, on several occasions.

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