TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — Headlines Tell Conflicted Tales Of Life In America

Wow, what’s happening around this country?

  • Oklahoma passes a bill preventing gays and lesbians from adopting.
  • The National Rifle Association bans weapons at its own event featuring Vice President Pence.
  • Republican men in Congress opposed a bill requiring lawmakers to pay their own expenses for settling sexual harassment lawsuits.
  • As of this month, Flint, Mich.,, has been without water for an astounding four years!
  • Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is proposing to increase rent for low-income housing.
  • Our national bird, the bald eagle, is being decimated by lead poisoning, and few are taking issue.
  • The Department of Justice has rescinded a number of protections afforded to citizens by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency has literally gutted the safeguards it was sworn to protect, like clean air and clean water rules, restrictions on drilling and much more.

However, what the country seems to be talking about right now is the comedienne hired by the national press corps to headline its annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Michelle Wolf may become a permanent household name as a result, but for all the wrong reasons. If you recall, the Smothers Brothers were literally driven off of the air decades ago because of daring to say “morons” were running the country and then for taking on their own network for lack of courage.

Well, the clock has begun ticking on Michelle Wolf’s future, one way or the other. She actually attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders, among others, who happened to be sitting at the head table. This is the same Sarah who once uttered these words: “Get a sense of humor.”

Wolf attacked or mocked Republicans, Democrats, TV networks and, of course, the president. She was already known for “locker room humor.” You know who else used that term? But in this case, she has been savaged for the same reason after he was given a pass!

I’m not a fan of Wolf’s type of humor, but I must admit I laughed my arse off at some comments, while cringing at others. Some of the same folks who invited her to speak now want her to apologize for doing exactly what she was asked to do. That’s like asking someone to build a jetliner and then, when they do, complain about the lug nuts on the tires. What’s wrong with that picture?

The show was definitely R-rated, but it was broadcast in the later hours when young people shouldn’t have been watching — not that she used any words used that our youth haven’t already heard.

What amazes me is that while the speaker was all over the charts with her comments, she didn’t reference anything that others have not actually said previously. It’s apparently OK when the others say anything they please, but now, when a woman dares to cross the now-holy line, that’s brought the boo birds out in force.

I wonder if those who now call for canceling the event altogether remember that one of its successful purposes is not just to enable newsmakers and reporters to hob-knob with each other, but to honor young journalists who plan to enter the honorable but embattled media profession.

I don’t give a tinker’s toot what your political affiliation is: The issue I contemplate is what is and what is not acceptable in America. Wolf had an act — that’s right — a comedy act. She did what she trained and was asked to do, and she did it well. She may have gone too far for many, but many more were not offended.

When a comedienne is held to higher standards than elected officials, that’s sad. But then again, take away the cuss words, and you’ll see she spoke truth to power.

A man may have been hit over the head for the same content, but it wouldn’t be nearly like the attacks being heaped on Wolf.

We need strong women to stand tall. We need the #MeToo movement. Say what you will, but women and those about to turn of voting age are on the move. Good for them. Amen.

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