LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — And We Are Published

For more than a decade, Jim and I have been writing together and editing one another’s work. Wednesday was a big day in our writing life. Our first jointly written article has been published and the journal was dropped into our mail slot this afternoon by our friendly postal delivery woman.

We are thrilled. At least, I am. For Jim, this really isn’t such a big deal, as he has been published in many periodicals, including his current monthly column in Dakota Country magazine. I’ve had articles published in the North Dakota Library Association newsletter and other odds and ends, but none of that is quite as delightful as this, an article in On Second Thought, the magazine of the North Dakota Humanities Council, which features the writing of some of our most respected fellow North Dakotans.

You can read our article, “The Time Has Come to Do Our Part” here. It is a story of one our adventures in our sacred landscape, the Little Missouri River Valley, in winter. An encounter in grace.

Now, we turn our full attention to the book we are co-authoring. Stand tuned. Oh — that and the garden!

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