MARTIN C. FREDRICKS IV: Four The Record — New Community Project Highlights ‘Extraordinary Ordinary’ People

I’m proud to announce “About Faces,” https://aboutfacesfargo.wordpress.com/ a new community project featuring images and stories of people who illustrate — we hope — the extraordinary in our ordinary, work-a-day lives.

“About Faces” is a collection of portraits — in images and words — about people who make Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding communities what they have been, what they are and what they can be.

Here you’ll find fewer “movers-and-shakers” and more “doers-and-makers” — people who do the things that make a difference for individuals and communities.

Some have lived through unbelievable times or participated in creating monumental shifts. Others have made sudden about-faces in their personal or professional lives, while others have held the line, doing what they do for years or even decades.

Darren Gibbins and I are collaborating to create “About Faces”; it’s been great pleasure to work with such a talented photographer. Instead of making any money on the deal, we see it as a chance to give regular folks a few moments in the limelight for free, return just a tiny bit back to our communities and have some fun while we’re at it.

New stories are published every other week (give or take, here or there, more or less).

Please visit the “About Faces” website, check out Darren’s awesome pictures and read the stories (three so far). Then, do us a favor — please visit “About Faces” on Facebook and Twitter, like and — MOST IMPORTANTLY — share one of the stories there with your friends and followers. (The images and stories aren’t worth much if no one sees them. 😉

If you know someone who lives in Fargo-Moorhead or the surrounding communities and has a great “extraordinary ordinary” story, please let us know. Thanks!

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