TOM DAVIES: The Verdict — Our Heroes Fight All Kinds Of Threats

With recent weather disasters, fires and other events of a historical nature ravaging this country, I hope all of us remember who the true heroes really are.

The firefighters on the ground and in the air risk their lives every day, but particularly in the California fires, as well as those areas ravaged by the rash of hurricanes, floods and other unusual weather. With the winds and lack of rain, their situation can only get worse.

The news makes me wonder why those who control our federal resources aren’t making use of the U.S. military, including the Air Force with its countless helicopters, to fly in supplies. They could also act as flying extinguishers to aid to the firefighters and transport them to areas of greatest need. A disaster declaration can help, assuming there’s any money left in the budget. But more personnel and supplies are needed right now.

Firefighters serve our communities every day. They aid in many situations that go unseen in addition to their regular duty of extinguishing fires. My hat is off to all of them in our Fargo-Moorhead area, as well as across the country.

* * *

Today, I also commend the heroes of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States and the principal federal law enforcement agency. Operating under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice, it works closely with the Central Intelligence Agency, which gathers and  focuses on information overseas; but the CIA, unlike the FBI, has no law enforcement authority.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a combat veteran of the 3rdMarine Division in Vietnam, wounded in action in 1969. He is also a former FBI director appointed by President George W. Bush and a Republican and a friend and working associate of Director James Comey, who was fired by 45 for his investigation of Russian matters. His appointment as special counsel to investigate those questions was greeted with widespread support by both Republican and Democratic legislators. All agreed he is a man of integrity, intelligence and honor. He was given authority to investigate just about anything he thought was important.

But if you can hear, see or read, you know all about the can of worms that has been opened by his diligence.

After doing exactly what he was sworn to do, Mueller and his staff are now being vilified by 45, along with his media arm — Fox News — and some GOP folks who all of a sudden have decided that since the investigation is tilting towards the White House, Mueller isn’t such a good man after all.

Let’s get one thing straight. Mueller, the FBI, the CIA and other governmental individuals and agencies represent we the people — not the White House and not any political party. They are our protection from adversaries both foreign and domestic.

When the president of the United States vomits Russian propaganda as a fact and attacks and demeans our own federal agencies, he puts the nation’s credibility on the line. He exposes our best to exposure, ridicule and even death. Despite all the information our agencies have developed, the president refuses to accept the reality of the Russian disinformation attacks. To this day, he has refused to accept our intelligence findings.

That 45 and his crew of whiners are attacking Mueller makes this writer wonder: What the hell are they so worried about? What do you think? Treason? Collusion? Money laundering? Or, as 45 insists, nothing at all. An innocent man doesn’t act guilty unless he’s hiding something. (You know … like his tax returns.)

I wish the national GOP at the national level would just shut up and let the investigation proceed. Let’s see where it goes. The man who’s leading it is someone they initially said might qualify for sainthood. So let him lead. Amen.

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