LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — An Enchanting Exhibit At BAGA

Jim and I took in the most enchanting exhibit at the Bismarck Art Galleries Association this afternoon, one of the treasures of our city. The exhibit is “Northern Plains Native Americans: A Modern Wet Plate Perspective” by Shane Balkowitsch. I was particularly taken with many of the subject’s Native American names.

Although there were dozens that deeply moved us, my two favorite images are pictured below: “Butterflies Brought Her Home” and “Coyote Sings Alone.” We saw many images of longtime friends.

It is only open through Nov. 22, so do go. Thank you so much to all of the sponsors who made this show possible.

Oh, and while we were there, Jim gathered intel on BAGA’s upcoming cookie walk.

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