RON SCHALOW: Port Whine, Part 2

In Port Whine Part 1, the Mediocre Years Continue; we learned that famed blogger for Forum Communications, Rob Port, is not a peachy guy, smears private citizens without a thought, happily publishes unsubstantiated propaganda and considers himself “one of the most consequential reporters/commentators in the state.”

I consider myself a large ill-tempered racoon, with Vick’s VapoRub issues. Also, this series may get into the dozens.


“Activists practicing free speech became terrorists, jihadists, and the propaganda was disseminated to big-oil-trusted mainstream media outlets across the state, such as the Scott Hennen Show on AM 1100, “The Flag”; Rob Port’s “Say Anything Blog,” owned by Forum Communications; and TigerSwan’s propaganda arm, Netizens for Progress and Justice, which according to its website is a “countering the leftist media propaganda nightmare” media outlet.” — HPR

Port misleads. He lies. He’s not the type who would have been hired by a newspaper in the olden days, when credibility was still a thing.

Port claims to be a libertarian, an ideology that has never worked in practice, but its tenets tend to benefit the rich, and hombres who need a gun fast, to shoot up the bowling alley after leaving a split. Say your prayers, you stupid 7 pin!

Word has it, that Port was adopted by a Koch financed group that collectively raised Rob from a malleable mental pup until he was a full-grown indoctrinated weasel, which was odd, since they were expecting a Labradoodle.

Very rigid, except when he’s not. Like his attitude about the lunatic president.

Port started out as a “never Trumper” but had to bend 180 degrees to align with his political pals and base readership. It hasn’t been attractive.

Never, ever Trump, said Port

“He’s cutting up (rhetorically!) the nattering nincompoops in the pundit class. He triggers schadenfreude for a vast swath of the American electorate.”

Oh my; I feel smarter after reading that tripe.

“Can anyone really imagine Trump being an effective leader? I can’t. Not even close. In fact, I don’t think even Trump himself imagined in his wildest dreams that he’d get this far.”

“I do not think Trump should win the presidency, however. He’s an embarrassment. He is not fit to lead our country.”

“Trump knows exactly how dumb his supporters are and has manipulated their ignorance to great effect.”

“Trump seems content to pander to actual paranoid racists.”

Port on Trump, now

Port: I’m pretty sure we elected Zaphod Beeblebrox as president (This was a real headline)
“With Trump, it’s hard to tell if he’s extremely competent, playing some politically themed game of three-dimensional chess the rest of us don’t understand, or if he’s just an imbecile careening from one blow-hard Twitter talking point to another.”

It’s not hard to tell that Trump is an imbecile; so that’s not true.

“Evidence in favor of the former is the fact that the man shocked the world by first winning the GOP nomination and then the national election. He’s also gone on to preside over an impressive rollback of Obama-era policies, which the economy and labor markets are already responding to.”

The economy and labor markets in this country? That’s not true.

“Evidence for the latter lays with the fact that his administration has been plagued by a battery of scandals and undermined by incessant leaks and in-fighting caused in no small part by members of the Trump administration who are Obama-era holdovers filling positions the president wasn’t ready to fill himself.”

Obama holdovers are causing Trump’s problems? That’s not true; The Trump gang has made their own mess.

“The oil industry, which overall has benefited from President Donald Trump’s leadership in the White House, is not happy with his plan to mandate the use of U.S. steel in their projects.”

The oil industry has benefited? What evidence is there to back up that sentence? The DAPL pipeline? It will help a few producers. The Keystone XL? Currently, there is no industry support for the pipeline to be built.

Pipelines drive him nuts

“I’ve found a solution for the #NoDAPL situation.

Instead of building a pipeline, let’s just sell the oil to the hobbits.

I’m serious. We could get Gandalf to ride Shadowfax to North Dakota once every week or so, then he could wave his magic staff about and transmogrify the oil into delicious crumpets which then could be sold to the fine, furry-footed folks of Hobbiton who I’m certain would love North Dakota’s transmogrified crumpet exports.”

The Portweasel was having a particular stressful day on the couch. The remote was under the coffee table. Virtually irretrievable.

“Authorities in South Dakota and Iowa confirmed Tuesday that someone apparently used a torch to burn a hole through empty sections of the pipeline at aboveground shut-off valve sites.” — The Associated Press

From the news story above, Rob gleans this: “You really have to admire the scope of hypocrisy on display in the anti-oil/anti-pipeline movement. All they’re really proving is how dangerous the rabid green movement has become.”

Port, as is standard operating procedure for him, cherry-picks a single anecdote then attaches the actions to a very large group. This particular group starts with folks simply putting their cans and plastic on the curb for recycling, which doesn’t seem dangerous or rabid.

Yet, the weasel, in typical hypocritical fashion, bemoans the use of anecdotes in his July 30th column, titled: “The politics of anecdotes.”

“The activists, with an assist from the White House, attempted a perverse use of a regulatory process intended to produce safe, responsible energy infrastructure to block construction of the same.

And why not? Such tactics had worked to kill or delay other projects, notably the Keystone XL and Sandpiper projects. Had they succeeded in blocking the Dakota Access project as well you have to wonder if any company in America would be willing to risk building new pipelines again.”

Nobody has killed more pipeline projects in the Bakken than the oil industry, those silly activists.

The Sandpiper put their money into the Dakota Access. The Bakken Crude Express pipeline and the Dakota Express pipeline proposals died on the vine due to oil industry indifference, as did the deceased Enterprise Products Partners pipeline project which would have run from the Bakken to Cushing, OK. As already noted, there is a lack of customers to build the Keystone XL.

The science denial activist zealot

Just like he was indoctrinated to do.

“Trump isn’t being treated as a political leader who made what some consider to be a bad policy decision. He’s being treated as a heretic, an apostate, to what has become one of the most popular global religions.

Science isn’t a religion, you mook. The coral reefs aren’t dying because we’re all not believing hard enough.

We’re not supposed to debate climate change policy any more. We’re supposed to accept it as an act of faith as though the proponents of the policy have some divine right to govern as they please without objection.”

There is nothing to debate, and faith isn’t involved, Jethro. I don’t believe in oranges, or T-shirts, or baboons. Same difference.

“I’m glad Trump withdrew our country from the agreement, if for no other reason than to undermine and marginalize the global Cult of Green.”

The shrinking cult of Trump has no power to marginalize renewables or conservation.

Port uses a website called JunkScience.com to prove his point. No need to get so fancy, Rob. Breitbart or InfoWars would have done the trick.

Last year, the Obama administration announced the creation of the National Climate Service. “Americans are witnessing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards,” said the administration, and they need “information about climate change in order to make the best choices for their families, communities and businesses.”

“From a press release sent out by JunkScience.com:

Last Friday’s budget deal blocks funding for the Obama administration’s National Climate Service.

As more details about the budget emerge, we’ll see more wasteful or counter-productive programs eliminated. Departments and agencies that served as little more than government mouthpieces for radical environmentalists are ripe for defunding, and JunkScience.com is glad to see Congress act decisively.”


“People will die,” Warren (Sen. Elizabeth) said during a recent floor speech.

“That seemed a self-evidently absurd statement to me.”

“While it’s fair to argue that any significant diminishment in coverage can have adverse consequences for overall health, it’s worth noting that many of the people we’re told would lose coverage under the Republican plan aren’t really losing access to coverage.

Most of them would simply opt out of coverage because Republicans would be doing away with the individual insurance mandate. Freed of a government requirement to buy insurance, many Americans would choose to do without.”

People will die. It’s been established, but the Republicans were too busy not governing, so they couldn’t come up with a viable option in seven years. And these deaths are real, unlike the death panels, Port’s people were peddling. Sorry you were offended, weasel boy.

MOST of them would opt out? I’d love to see that study, but I know where the statement was pulled from.

NDSU President Dean Bresciani: Port’s white whale

Teaching weasel Rob how to get past Burger King in the student union would be difficult, but explaining to him how a university functions, would be like teaching a drunk rhino to play the banjo.

The post below is typical. Voldeport knows nothing, and yet he publishes the rumor.

“I’m also told that Bresciani apparently flew to Bismarck on a private airplane, though I can’t confirm this and North Dakota State University’s people at this point only respond to my inquiries when they’re legally required to. I have requested the information, however.

I did check the flight records of the plane which was sold by NDSU to Scheels Sports last year (in a pretty cozy transaction), but there were no flight plans filed for Bismarck today.

Which doesn’t mean that Bresciani didn’t charter a different plane. I mean, you don’t expect him to just drive to Bismarck like some sort of peasant do you? I mean, it’s not like he has a chauffeur or … wait a minute.”

If Port wrote a follow-up post confirming his accusations, I can’t find it. Most likely, knowing the weasel’s MO, the story was false, and he just moved on without correcting the original smear. That’s what he does. Takes a $#!* on your lawn, then walks away.

Net Neutrality

“Today was an internet “day of action” — backed largely by left-wing groups, many with ties to progressive money man George Soros — protesting proposed changes to the rules by the FCC.”

That is what you call a lie of omission. Port doesn’t care if it’s not quite the truth. Half-assed truth is what it is, so as not to step on his pal Kevin Cramer’s wingtips.

“Technology giants like Amazon, Spotify, Reddit, Facebook, Google, Twitter and many others are rallying today in a so-called “day of action” in support of net neutrality, five days ahead of the first deadline for comments on the US Federal Communications Commission’s planned rollback of the rules.” — The Verge

Seems that Port was a bully in high school

From an anonymous source, just like the Portweasel uses them by the dozen.

“Rob Port whatever his #$& dirty name is, was a complete pervert who knew no humor other than racist jokes. He sexually harassed me relentless for about two years of high school (stopped when I confronted him one on one at the oil change place). According to him, I was a faggot …” (decorum prevents me from posting the remainder of the paragraph.)

“The best came about two weeks in to(sp) freshman year at NDSU he writes a letter to the campus paper saying “where’s my parade as a white heterosexual (if you say so Portly) Christian who hates minorities and gays”. Yea, he is aweeeesome.” (Decorum prevents me from posting the remainder of the paragraph.)

Hard to believe, I know


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