LILLIAN CROOK: WildDakotaWoman — Taking The Bad Lands For Granted

Many people take the breathtaking beauty of the Bad Lands for granted, going on with their lives and assuming it will always be as it has been for thousands of years.

Well, gentle reader, it ain’t so! Stalwarts have been diligently working for decades to protect the remaining wild landscapes so future generations can enjoy the grandeur.

The effort culminating in the document “Badlands on the Brink” is a good illustration of this. This document is hard to get your hands on, but a few N.D. libraries have copies. Hopefully, someday, someone will get it digitized and thus make it more widely available.

Badlands Conservation Alliance’s Prairie Legacy Wilderness proposal is another great example of the work that has been done and you can read that here.

The threats are many and my husband Jim Fuglie frequently writes about these on his blog.

This week, we got the great news that we had finally won a court case!  Jim writes about it A Victory for the Good Guys, and the Bad Lands.

If you love the Bad Lands, please consider joining in the conservation efforts by becoming a member of Badlands Conservation Alliance. It’s easy. Just click here.  You’ll be joining a grass-roots group that truly is making a difference and are working to protect a treasured landscape for future generations.

“When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found.” — Sufi proverb.

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